Serious relationship: 6 signs to look out for, dating sites to find one

Serious relationship: 6 signs to look out for, dating sites to find one

As wokeness spreads in this generation, everyone wants to know if they are in a serious relationship or not. Most people describe a relationship as serious or committed when they see marriage in the long run.

What is a serious relationship?

It is one in which two people are committed to developing their relationship. Shula Melamed, a relationship and well-being coach, states that a committed relationship can happen quickly or take a few years to develop; the important thing is that both people are invested in it in the same way.

People who envision a shared future have formed a meaningful bond. For many, this entails fantasizing about being with their partners until they both die; it could also entail marrying, moving in together, or arranging large excursions. Although not all significant relationships are healthy or worthwhile, it is necessary to recognise a serious relationship for what it is to comprehend how it feels to be linked to another person.

Characteristics of serious relationships

The relationship is long-term

The couple is not expected to end their relationship quickly or easily, at least not without some conversation.

It is monogamous

When a relationship is considered serious, both partners typically stop seeing other people romantically. Monogamy isn’t always a consideration for persons in open or polyamorous relationships.

Both partners see a future together

People who are in a meaningful relationship can usually imagine themselves with their spouse a year, two years, five years, or more down the road.

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The couple lives together or plans to live together

Making a home together is an important aspect of the modern definition of a serious partnership.

The end goal is marriage

This isn’t always the case. Some people are content to remain single for the rest of their lives, but the majority of people regard marriage as the natural outcome of a serious relationship.

The couple intends on having children

For many people, “becoming serious” means settling down and establishing a life that will allow them to have children. Some people who do not wish to have children may find it difficult to enter long-term relationships or marriages.

Serious relationship versus dating

One of the differences between a serious relationship and dating is the level of commitment that comes with the former. When in a serious relationship, you tend to communicate with your partner about everything and anything, which is different from just dating.

Also, in dating, your expectations for your partner are way lesser than when you are in a serious relationship. This is because most serious relationships are built on expectations.

In a serious relationship, you have to prioritize things with your partner like friends, family, activities, etc., which might be lesser in dating.

Although these are the most obvious distinctions between dating and relationships, other minor details distinguish them. After everything is said and done, both are fascinating to experience, and the person you’re dating may also become your serious relationship partner!

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How to know if you are ready for a serious relationship

Are you prepared for a long-term relationship but unsure if your partner is? Do you want to move from a dating relationship to a relationship that will lead to a future together?

This is an issue that many people are concerned about. Often, one partner will be more eager to commit than the other; below are some signs that show you are ready for a serious relationship.

You want to define the relationship with your partner

If you simply want to know where you stand and if you’re their girlfriend or boyfriend, then you are most likely seeking something more serious.

You are making plans about the future

Even in a lighthearted manner, this can be quite telling. You begin to fantasize about the rest of their lives with your lover and what it may be like.

You are very open about your life with your partner

If you spend a significant amount of time with your partner, you will most likely wish to be in a serious relationship. This could entail meeting your parents, adding them to your wider network of friends, or spending much of your leisure time with them.

You are only seeing your partner

Similarly, if you’re only dating them, it could be because you’re attempting to establish a serious and committed relationship.

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Your emotions and feelings are clear

No one feels the need to be evasive or subdued when it comes to their feelings. It’s fine to demonstrate your concern. In truth, you are looking for a committed relationship because you anticipate profound emotion and a desire to make the other person happy with no concern or apprehension.

Serious relationship dating sites

If you are looking for a dating site for a serious relationship, many online dating sites can help with that. Here are some of them.

  • E-Harmony
  • Tinder
  • Elite Singles
  • Silver Singles
  • Christian Mingle
  • Badoo
  • Grindr
  • Happn

Does a serious relationship mean marriage?

A serious relationship does not always lead to marriage, although it is the end aim of most serious relationships.

A serious relationship necessitates getting to know your partner more intimately. In the process of getting to know one another, you are bound to notice some character traits in each other that you were unaware of, and you may agree to end the relationship for the better. As a result, not all serious relationships result in marriage.

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