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Mystery of the Serbian Dancing Lady: Is she real or a myth?

Mystery of the Serbian Dancing Lady: Is she real or a myth?

The story of the Serbian Dancing Lady is a mysterious one, the type that Hollywood and Nollywood would love to turn into a movie. It has been 24 years since the creepy video was recorded.

However, the video resurfaced in 2019 and began to trend on TikTok. Since then, many have been wondering who the mysterious Serbian Dancing Lady is and what happened.

So, do not go anywhere, as this piece will explain the nitty-gritty behind this mystery.

Who is the Serbian Dancing Lady?

According to Wikipedia, the Serbian Dancing Lady, also known as the Dancing Shadow, is an urban Serbian myth featuring a mysterious lady dancing weirdly in the streets of Belgrade, Serbia, at night. In the video, which was first recorded back in 1998, the lady is seen carrying a knife which she uses to threaten anyone who passes by.

Is the Serbian Dancing Lady real?

There is a myth surrounding the Serbian Dancing Lady. Legend has it that a Serbian lady fell in love with a man from another village, but her relationship was not approved by her family. As a result, her spirit is believed to haunt Serbian rural areas, and people can reportedly see her dancing and singing sad songs. The legend also says that whoever sees her will encounter serious misfortunes, including death.

This legend has been passed from generation to generation in Serbia. It has even penetrated Serbian artistic expressions, which include music, literature and film.

Furthermore, there are several accounts from “eyewitnesses” who claim to have seen the mysterious Serbia Dancing Lady. According to the Times of India, two community blog users, Niko and Solomon, gave detailed accounts of their supposed encounters with a Serbian lady. Niko claimed he saw a figure dancing weirdly when he was walking home with his mother. The figure spotted them and charged towards them, yelling that she was “the ambassador of death”. Niko also said the lady claimed his mother’s life was needed in an ancient ritual to resurrect the “king of Serbia”. Niko claimed the figure’s movements were inhuman but entrancing.

Solomon’s account corroborated Niko’s statement. According to him, after hearing Niko’s account, Solomon decided to make his investigations. One night, he stepped out of his hotel room in Serbia and hit the streets with his camera. Not long after, he spotted a lady dancing in the same weird manner Niko had described. Solomon added the lady suddenly saw him and charged at him, yelling that his mother’s soul was hers. He ran back to his hotel room.

These are a few of the numerous accounts of people encountering the mysterious Serbian Dancing Lady. However, it is important to note that these accounts are mostly from social media users and, therefore, cannot be verified. Meanwhile, the “encounters” have led the Serbian police to make investigations to find out if the Serbian Dancing Lady is real. Several accounts suggest that she is real and has since been arrested.

However, there is no evidence or report showing any arrest, as there are no reported cases of death as a result of the mysterious lady. Therefore, it is safe to say that the Serbian Dancing Lady is more of a myth than reality.

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Serbian Dancing Lady TikTok

Although the Serbian Dancing Lady video was recorded in 1998, it resurfaced on TikTok in 2019. The video trended on the platform but for the wrong reasons. Many users believed in the existence of the mysterious lady and tried to verify it. There was some sort of “Serbian Dancing Lady challenge” where TikTok users uploaded a video of themselves dancing like the lady in the 1998 video.

In addition, users are terrified of the figure as content creators have warned them about the dangers of encountering her. Although there is no evidence that she exists, it has not stopped TikTok content creators from capitalising on the myth.

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