Real reason God doesn’t want you to have sex before marriage – Preacher explains

'Why abstaining from sex is a protection, not a punishment' - Man reveals

A preacher on TikTok has explained why abstinence from sex is important.

In the video posted on TikTok by @christwithyou, the man explained that God forbids sex before marriage because he is trying to protect his followers, not as a punishment.

He stated that God does not want people to be “used up” or damaged before marriage.

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His explanation got emotional comments from regretful netizens who had engaged in premarital sex.

Others who were still virgins vowed to maintain their chastity.

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Watch the video below:

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See reactions below:

@ivy…glam: “thank God…I haven’t messed up yet…I’ll wait till marriage” “I messed up but I’m trying to not do it again ever till I get married”

@zuujd001: “thanks God.. not yet there!! but it’s hard to stay sealed sometime”

@jojo.zalez: “Don’t feel like your anything less because if you call unto him and ask for forgiveness out god is a forgiving one he will forgive you with open arms”

@harley,mathews: “This makes a lot of sense now”

@banouke: “It’s too late for me man,  man just need to repent”

@jackyaxente: “I should’ve put my trust in God more back then, but person I’m with right now is the one I will marry for sure and I’m so happy I found him at this young age.”

@skydog06: “I wish I could take it all back… I regret it all”

@sinenderiba: “this is what I really need to know right now and thank you”

@soccerbabyhappy: “God how can I recover from this”

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