Reactions as sugarcane seller implements ‘cashless policy’, puts POS in his wheelbarrow 

Reactions as sugarcane seller implements 'cashless policy', puts POS in his wheelbarrow  1

The Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, has posted a video of a sugarcane seller attending to customers with a POS in a bid to spur the implementation of the cashless policy. 

In the video posted on Twitter by CBN, the sugarcane seller could be seen positioning a POS machine on his wheelbarrow, this is in the wake of the Central bank’s attempts to further implement the cashless policy.

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His customers had surrounded him, and one could be seen punching his pin into the POS.

For a country where many petty traders and small businesses still trade primarily via cash, the sight of a sugarcane seller wheeling around his goods with a POS machine was quite a novelty. Especially concerning the scarcity of cash Nigerians are currently facing.

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However, this video didn’t sit well with Netizens, as they harshly criticized CBN for putting the video out when people were finding it difficult to get money for basic amenities.

Some Netizens further reacted to the post by The Apex bank by posting videos of people fighting inside commercial banks in the nationwide struggle for cash.

Watch the video below:

Reactions from Twitter users

@Jide_Olusola: “Good policy. Bad intentions and wrong timing. They are punishing us because of one man.”

@Silico: “Which good policy. Go do your research on countries that successfully did cashless policy if a large population like Nigeria could do it.”

@Tionjoseph: “How will he now get the cash to restock? Because the farmers definitely won’t have POS and the ATMs aren’t dispensing.”

@EhiEhidan: “How do you go cashless when you charge customers whenever they use the card? Every countries practicing or encouraging a cashless policy protest free transactions except Nigeria.”

@dereylyon: “Na real CBN account be this or parody?”

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