Reactions as South African lady opens up on falsely accusing Nigerian lover of rape

Reactions as South African lady opens up on falsely accusing Nigerian lover of rape 1

A South African woman caused a buzz online after she revealed how she put the father of her first child, who is a Nigerian, behind bars.

In a viral video, the woman identified as Happy Simelane said she was 19 then, and the man was three years older than her.

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She explained that her family accused him of raping her because it’s taboo for South Africans to date Nigerians, and she went along with it because she was too afraid to confess.

Happy went on to marry a different man, but he recently died in a car accident while with his side chick, who survived.

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She revealed that she has now reunited with the Nigerian man, and they are now engaged.

The video caught the attention of netizens, with many sharing their opinions in the comments section.


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See reactions:

@cyril_unusual: “For such confession, she should be arrested….. Cos wats this 😠.”

@cecy_mich: “What do you bring to the table? Oya she do bring jail time.”

@daddyfreeze: “Before you blame her hear her out. How many of you at 19 could take a stance against ur parents? Till now majority of you cannot stand up to ur parents let alone families and societal constructs. The guy knew she wasn’t at fault that’s why he came back looking for her. Blane societal intolerance she is the v!ctim here! My opinion tho feel free to disagree.”

@kush_iim: “Nigerian men and being 2faced are 5&6. Niggas be going through hell in the hands of other females from other countries #sufferingnsmiling but will keep quite,but if it were to be a Nigerian lady saying this now,twitter and the whole SM will be buzzing with dragging up and down.😂😂😂😂.”

@ngjuliet80: “But I want to know is .did the same man from Nigeria she accused of rape go back to her?”

@w.u.r.a.h: “It’s the fact that they don’t even see any wrong in what she said and she doesn’t even feel remorseful for saying it.”

@molly_nma_blessed: “That’s how this people set Nigerians up in SA……they plant drugs in their shops and houses and film them and make news and report about it.”

@xzlschumpalaquar: “This is reason why real m3n don’t take wom3n seriously doesn’t matter the drums of t3ars they cr¥.”

@don.ibrahim00: “False Accusations,Jail Her Let’s sign the petition 😢.”

@what_it_takes_010: “She’s not proudly saying it, she’s just trying to hide the guilty conscience.”

@heleneneoche: “And u are proudly saying it, Omo it’s well, may we not suffer for wat we don’t know about 🙏🙏.”

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