‘He must have waited long’: Reactions as angry patient throws urine at nurses gossiping in canteen

'He must have waited long': Reactions as angry patient throws urine at nurses gossiping in canteen 1

After waiting for hours to be treated in a South African clinic, an angry patient threw urine at nurses conversing in the canteen.

In a social media video, the man can be heard complaining about how long he has been waiting while three nurses are seated at a table.

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“It’s 3.30pm now and we have been waiting,” the man says, voicing his concern that the clinic will close while he and other patients were waiting to be attended to.

When they didn’t stand up, he began splashing them with urine.

See reactions below:

jnrpope: Nurses are worse than Nigerian Government; I think they need to be restructured.

he_thick_nurse: Oh nurses are great.. nurses are caring and hardworking!!! An epitome of humility and service. Have you ever thought about the good they’ve done for you and appreciate nurses. It’s always one bad you heard from a random online gist. Lets appreciate the REAL Nurses out there.

4loveth462: If you know you can’t do this job, please don’t go for it, it’s not ordinary buying and selling… people’s lives is at stake.

efa_wealthy: This is how these health workers are so reluctant when dealing with patients.

judithoflagos: What he did was wrong his approach but damn all these nurses can gossip for Africa, like they literally sit and talk all day.

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marynjide: Those nurses maybe observing their lunch break at the time. They could come from different floors or sections of that hospital/clinic, and but met at the canteen/restaurants observing their lunch time. That does not mean there are no other nurses on the floor when those ones clocked out. They do take turns in observing their lunch break. People should be reasonable please!! They are humans as well.

demi_aj: He suppose mess on their head join.

derao83: How do you call yourself a health worker and you just sit and gossip for 4 hours, no care in the world!!!! No be everybody get compassion!! You need compassion to do this job!!!

kahirahdimah: He must have waited for long.

sunriseinvestment: Naso person dey die cuz of their negligence. If its an advance country.All this will not be done .. atleast attend to them

manchesterblack25: Please he’s bleeding seriously, just attend to him, I will get the card but, just help him, I will go and get the card, I came with money. E no be like say na people I even dey talk to, them no shake until I go pay for card and other unnecessary formalities. No human sympathy at all. That young man today go marry or help nurse abi?

mss_veey: Do they teach these nurses wickedness in school as well.

Watch video below:

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