Rayna Tyson: Filmmaker, activist who’s trans daughter of famous heavyweight boxer

Rayna Tyson: Filmmaker, activist who's trans daughter of famous heavyweight boxer

Growing up as the daughter of a world-renowned boxing champion, Rayna Tyson has lived a life that’s been far from ordinary. Despite facing the challenges and controversies that come with being part of a celebrity family, Taylor has charted her path and is making a name for herself in her own right.

This piece delves deeper into the life of Rayna Tyson, exploring her early years, her relationship with her famous father and her unique journey to success.

Who is Rayna Tyson?

Rayna Tyson's selfie

Rayna Tyson was born on February 14, 1996. She is the first daughter of the boxing great, Mike Tyson, and his second wife, Dr Monica Turner. She is of African-American ethnicity and holds American citizenship.

She spent most of her early life in their hometown of Bethesda, where the Tyson family had a $4 million worth mansion. She is an Aquarius, in terms of her Zodiac sign.

This celebrity kid was originally named Rayna from birth. However, in recent years, she has chosen to be addressed as Ramsey as her first name, completely doing away with her original birth name (Rayna), after identifying as a transmasculine and non-binary individual.

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She uses her platform to advocate for the rights of the LGBTQIA+ community and supports them wholeheartedly. She also speaks out against transphobia and promotes inclusivity and equality. Tyson has never been one to hold back from speaking out about who she is and what her sexual orientation is.

younger Rayna and her brother, Amir, playing with Mike Tyson, their father
Rayna and her brother, Amir, with Mike Tyson

Tyson was accepted to New York University in 2014 to undertake a degree in film, as tweeted by her elated dad, who stated how proud he was of her. She was recognised as “Best Film Student”, according to her Linkedin page. She graduated from the NYU Film School in 2018.

She is currently in a relationship with a non-binary partner, identified simply as Jozee. She shared a photo of the two of them back in August 2021 on her partner’s birthday.

Rayna Tyson career

Rayna Tyson at the barn

The daughter of a boxing legend like Mike Tyson might be expected to follow in her father’s path as a sportsperson, but Taylor appears to have her ambitions and has her sights set on the movie industry. Since she was a young child, she has desired to work in the entertainment sector.

She has participated in a variety of films as a crew member. She has mastered the craft of film production and has a solid resume to show for it, with her production of several short films and web series.

As part of her training and internship in 2017, Taylor briefly worked at the studio while still a student. She served as a research intern for the documentary: The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson.

One of her most significant and well-known works was the psychological thriller, Joker, which starred Joaquin Phoenix, who received the Academy Award for “Best Actor”.

Rayna Tyson movies

According to her IMDb profile, Tyson has two major movies to her credit. They are:

  • Joker (2019)
  • The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson (2017)

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Rayna Tyson’s net worth

Rayna Tyson and her father, Mike Tyson

As of 2023, Rayna Tyson has a net worth of $500,000.  She earns a living from her work as a filmmaker. Currently, she lives in an affluent neighbourhood in Brooklyn, New York.

Rayna Tyson family

Rayna Tyson's family on the red carpet

Tyson gets along with her half-siblings, who are the offspring of her father’s union with Sol Xochitl and Lakiha Spicer, respectively. Her step-siblings go by the names Miguel, Morocco, Milan, and Mikey Lorna Tyson. Exodus Tyson, who was Tyson’s other half-sister, passed away in 2009 at the age of four.

The late Exodus Tyson was born by Mike Tyson’s former girlfriend, Sol Xochitl, who is also the mother of Miguel Tyson. Mikey Lorna, her older half-sister, was born from her father’s affair with Kimberly Scarborough. Mike Tyson’s current spouse, Lakiha Spicer, is the mother of Taylor’s other half-siblings, Milan and Morocco.

Rayna Tyson's family

Her father, Mike Tyson is a legendary ex-professional boxer who is widely regarded as one of the greatest heavyweight boxers of all time. He was born on June 30, 1966, in Brooklyn, New York City. He became the youngest heavyweight champion in history at the age of 20, and he won his first 19 professional fights by knockout.

He retired from professional boxing in 2005 with a record of 50 wins (44 by knockout), six losses, and two no-contests. Outside of boxing, Tyson has also dabbled in acting and has had several high-profile legal and personal issues throughout his life.

Rayna Taylor’s mother, Monica Turner, on the other hand, used to work as a paediatrician.

Rayna Taylor’s parents met at an impromptu party in 1990 at Eddie Murphy’s New Jersey house. At the time of their meeting, Turner was a pre-med student and former beauty queen. After their first encounter, a romantic relationship ensued between the two and as a result of Mike Tyson’s celebrity status, their relationship was at the forefront of the public eye.

Back in 1993, allegations of molestation were levelled against Mike by a participant in a beauty pageant. The boxing champion was subsequently convicted and handed a six-year prison sentence, which could have marked the end of his romantic relationship with Turner. However, despite the controversy surrounding the case, the doctor’s love for Mike Tyson remained unwavering, and she steadfastly supported him throughout his conviction.

After his release, the pair welcomed their child, Rayna Tyson, in 1996, although they were not yet legally wedded. It was only a year after Rayna’s birth, that the couple decided to tie the knot.  The pair married in an intimate ceremony on April 19, 1997. Later that year, their second child, Amir, was born on August 5, 1997.

Amir Tyson, Rayna Tyson's brother
Amir Tyson

Taylor’s biological brother, Amir Tyson, works at ESPN. In 2017, he began working on the cable sports network, where he is still employed today. He obtained a Broadcast Journalism degree from an American university. Asides from his career in broadcasting, Amir has demonstrated an interest in business. He established DEBONAiR Attire, a clothing company.


Mike Tyson's parents, Mike Tyson and his ex-wife, Monica Turner
Mike Tyson and his ex-wife, Monica Turner

Despite enduring various challenges, Mike Tyson and Monica Turner remained together for several years. However, their marriage was marked by tumultuous times, including a period when the boxer was incarcerated once again, this time, for assaulting two drivers. On top of that, there were multiple instances of infidelity, which ultimately led to Turner filing for divorce.

The couple’s divorce was finalised in 2002.

Rayna Tyson age

Rayna Taylor was born on valentine’s day in 1996. She is currently 26 years old.

Rayna Tyson heights

Rayna Taylor’s height and body measurements are currently unavailable to the public.

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