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Queen Elizabeth II: Funeral procession for late monarch begins

Queen Elizabeth II laid to rest |skabash.com

United Kingdom’s longest-serving monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, will be laid to rest in a magnificent ceremony today, Monday, September 19.

The ceremony started with a funeral service held at Westminster Abbey, the same venue where the late Queen was married and also coronated as Queen.

Quen Elizabeth II funeral coffin
Quen Elizabeth II funeral coffin
Credit: Sky News

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The service had about 2,000 people in attendance. The congregation comprised 500 presidents, prime ministers, and foreign royal families.

Notable dignitaries included former US president, Joe Biden, Nigeria’s Vice President, Yemi Osibajo, and other leaders from France, Canada, Australia, and China. However, Russian president Vladimir Putin wasn’t invited.

Yemi Osibajo at Queen Elizabeth II burial |skabash.com
Nigeria’s Vice President, Yemi Osibajo attending Queen Elizabeth II funeral service

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, who led the funeral service, told the congregation that the grief felt by many across Britain and worldwide reflected the late monarch’s “abundant life and loving service.”

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby at Queen Elizabeth II funeral |skabash.com
The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby at Queen Elizabeth II funeral Credit: BBC Pidgin

The beautifully dressed Royal Navy troop led the parade and carried the monarch’s coffin on a gun carriage out of the Abbey. The parade team marched from Westminster Abbey to Buckingham palace, the royal family’s home.

It then went on another procession to Wellington Arch, where the coffin was transferred from the gun carriage to the state hearse to be taken to Windsor. The parade will give a royal salute, and the national anthem will be played as the procession leaves. King Charles III and members of the Royal Family will then leave for Windsor.

The Royal Navy leading the parade |skabash.com
The Royal Navy leading the parade proceedings
Credit: BBC Pidgin

The committal service is scheduled to take place by 16:00 GMT, and about 800 people, including members of the Queen’s Household and Windsor estate staff, are expected to attend. The Dean of Windsor will lead the service.

The state hearse on its way to Windsor |skabash.com
The state hearse on its way to Windsor
Credit: BBC Pidgin

Before the final hymn is sung, the Imperial State Crown, the orb, and the sceptre are expected to be removed from the Queen’s coffin and placed on the altar.

People outside the Abbey following the procession |skabash.com
A crowd of people outside the Abbey watching the procession
Credit: BBC Pidgin

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The burial service will take place by 7:30 pm, which is expected to be a personal family occasion and highly private. The dean of Windsor will conduct the service.

Queen Elizabeth II will be laid to rest next to her husband at the King George VI memorial chapel at Windsor, where her mother and father were buried.

King Charles III at his mums's burial
King Charles III
Credit: BBC Pidgin

Recall that when Prince Philip died, he was temporarily laid to rest in the Royal Vault at St George’s, but he will now be moved to the memorial chapel to lie next to his wife, Queen Elizabeth II.

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