‘Power of makeup’: Woman’s shocking makeup transformation on wedding day will leave you amazed [Video]

'Power of makeup': Woman's shocking makeup transformation on wedding day will leave you amazed [Video] 1

A trending video of a bride’s beautiful transformation on her wedding day has left many people amazed.

In the video, shared by the make up artist, ‘Pamper Palace’, the blonde-haired woman is seen getting her face glammed up for her wedding. The video captured a step-by-step process of the makeup with the bride appearing many years younger and gorgeous at the end.

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The final look got a lot of people amazed with some doubting if it was the same person.

Makeup transformation

simply_gaga: “Na lie. Must be the bride and her mother.”

ozi_oma_16: “Definitely not the same persons.”

afini_enya: “Everyone deserves happiness. That u married on time doesnt mean a 50year old lady cant get married and be happy. We all with our diff timeline. Even identical twins has their diff journies. Congratulations to her. Im sure the groom wont recognize her. These make up artists wont mke heaven.”

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fridawiththegoodhair: “Wearing a blonde wig without dark root and makeup will definitely make you strange. To sum it up she wore a contact lens hence the weird look. Her makeup artist did a very good job, because the aftermath is beautiful.”

kahirahdimah: “Power of make up.”

iretiogooluwa: “Wow she’s so beautiful! & the makeup artist did a fantastic job.”

___louisa: “All of you saying not the same person because of the nails ,check very well they are the same ..even the nose sef.”

annextin: “Naaaa they are switched. This must be the main bride while the other is the mom or elder sis!!”

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