Pewdiepies Baby: Meet the firstborn child of famous YouTuber

Pewdiepies Baby: Meet the firstborn child of famous YouTuber

Renowned YouTuber and internet personality PewDiePie, along with his wife Marzia Bisognin, recently shared delightful news with their fans and followers. The couple, known for their influential presence on social media, announced the arrival of their first child, baby Björn.

With millions of dedicated subscribers eagerly awaiting updates on their favourite content creator, the birth of PewDiePie’s baby has sparked excitement across the online community.

Skabash! delves into the details surrounding this joyous occasion and provides our readers with the details of the journey that led PewDiePie and Marzia to this beautiful milestone in their lives.

Who Is Pewdiepies Baby?

PewDiePie and Marzia with their baby

PewDiePie (real name Felix Kjellberg) and his spouse, Marzia, became parents, according to an Instagram post they jointly posted on Wednesday, July 11, 2023. The images depict the couple with their newborn child, whom they named Björn. The accompanying caption read: “11/07/2023 Welcome to the family, little Björn.”

Earlier in February 2023, the YouTubers revealed that they were anticipating the arrival of their first child.
Kjellberg tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend, Marzia Bisognin, who is originally from Italy, on August 19, 2019

They first met in 2011 through a mutual friend and began an online relationship. Kjellberg eventually travelled to Italy to meet Bisognin in person. Over the years, the couple lived in both Sweden and Italy before eventually settling in Brighton, England. Kjellberg explained that they moved to the UK in July 2013 to be close to the sea and for better internet connectivity. He also appreciated the level of anonymity living in Brighton provided him.

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Pewdiepies’ baby’s name

Pewdiepies Baby

The name of PewDiePie’s baby is Björn.

Pewdiepies baby gender

Pewdiepie holding his Baby

The gender of PewDiePie’s baby is male.

Pewdiepies baby age

Björn was born on July 11, 2023. He is less than a month old as of the time of writing this piece.

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Pewdiepies baby father


PewDiePie, whose birth name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, was born on October 24, 1989. He is a Swedish YouTuber renowned for his Let’s Play videos and comic content. Kjellberg has gained significant popularity on YouTube and has received extensive media attention, establishing himself as one of the most prominent online personalities and content creators.

PewDiePie was born to Lotta Kristine Johanna (formerly Hellstrand, born 1958) and Ulf Christian Kjellberg (born 1957). He grew up alongside his older sister, Fanny. His mother had a successful career as a chief information officer (CIO) and was recognised as the CIO of the Year in Sweden in 2010. His father is a corporate executive.

During his childhood, PewDiePie developed a keen interest in art. He would often draw popular video game characters like Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog and spent time playing games on his Super Nintendo Entertainment System, such as Star Fox and Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest. In high school, he would frequently play video games with friends at an Internet café and occasionally skip classes to do so. In his final year of high school, Kjellberg used the money earned from selling artwork through his grandmother’s gallery to buy a computer.

After completing high school, PewDiePie enrolled in Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden, to study industrial economics and technology management. However, he decided to leave the university in 2011. Kjellberg’s parents refused to support him financially when he left the university, so he had to find ways to fund his early videos. He worked as a harbour captain, sold prints of his Photoshop art and even worked at a hot dog stand.

While it has been reported that he left to focus on his YouTube career, PewDiePie clarified in 2017 that he left because he lacked interest in his chosen field of study. He emphasised that leaving university solely to pursue a YouTube career would be unwise.

Kjellberg also expressed his fondness for Adobe Photoshop and his desire to work on photo manipulation art rather than continue his studies. Following his departure from the university, he participated in Photoshop contests and came close to securing an apprenticeship at a prominent Scandinavian advertising agency. However, when he did not get the apprenticeship, he decided to sell limited edition prints of his Photoshopped images to acquire a computer for creating YouTube videos.

PewDiePie initially created a YouTube account called “Pewdie” in December 2006, with “pew” representing the sound of lasers and “die” referring to dying. However, he forgot the password to that account and subsequently registered for the “PewDiePie” YouTube channel on April 29, 2010.

PewDiePie emphasised that making videos was more important to him than pursuing a prestigious career. At the beginning of his career, he focused on video game commentaries, particularly in the horror and action genres. Some of his earliest videos featured commentaries on popular games like Minecraft and Call of Duty. He, however, gained significant attention for his Let’s Play videos of Amnesia: The Dark Descent and its mods

One of his earliest available videos, titled: Minecraft Multiplayer Fun, was uploaded on October 2, 2010. It mainly features Swedish commentary from PewDiePie, as he had not yet transitioned to using English in his videos. The video has gained over 21 million views as of August 2022.

Starting from September 2, 2011, PewDiePie began posting weekly vlogs titled: Fridays with PewDiePie. These vlogs served as a departure from his usual Let’s Play videos and often included viewer requests and other vlog content.

In January 2017, Kjellberg posted a video in which he paid two individuals on Fiverr to hold up a sign that read: “Death to all Jews.” He claimed that his intention was not to target Jews but rather to highlight the absurdity of the modern world and the Fiverr platform. The video received significant negative attention and sparked a media backlash. Many publications criticised PewDiePie’s defence of the controversial content as jokes taken out of context and expressed concerns that his content was normalising ideologies such as fascism, neo-Nazism and white supremacy.

The Wall Street Journal alleged that this incident was not the first time PewDiePie had used antisemitic language and imagery in his videos. PewDiePie, along with the two individuals involved, later issued apologies. However, as a result of the backlash, Maker Studios severed ties with PewDiePie and Google removed him from the Google Preferred advertising programme. Additionally, the second season of the Scare PewDiePie YouTube Red series was cancelled.

PewDiePie did apologise for his actions but strongly criticized the media coverage of the event, specifically targeting The Wall Street Journal for its portrayal of references to Nazis in some of his videos. The Wall Street Journal, in response, referred to another video featuring a YouTuber named Jesus Christ, where the statement “Hitler did absolutely nothing wrong” was made, as well as PewDiePie’s response to the suspension of the Jesus Christ Fiverr account.

In 2019, PewDiePie engaged in a public competition with the Indian record label, T-Series, to maintain its position as the most-subscribed YouTube channel. However, he was eventually overtaken by T-Series in terms of subscriber count. As a result, PewDiePie adopted a more reserved online presence as he reduced the frequency of his uploads and took breaks from the internet.

In 2020, the PewDiePie YouTube channel became the first to reach 10 billion views. On November 14, 2022, MrBeast surpassed PewDiePie as the most-subscribed individual creator on YouTube, placing him in fourth place overall. Despite this, MrBeast and Kjellberg are known to be contemporaries and friends.

During PewDiePie’s competition with T-Series, MrBeast supported the “Subscribe to PewDiePie” campaign. In response to a viewer question about whether MrBeast would surpass his subscriber count, Kjellberg expressed his belief that MrBeast would indeed achieve that milestone and expressed his support for him.

In March 2023, PewDiePie’s previously inactive Twitch account began streaming episodes of the Canadian sitcom, Trailer Park Boys. This was part of a test conducted by CoPilot Media, a distribution and monetisation service, as they were preparing to launch “PewDiePie Infinity”, which would essentially feature an endless loop of PewDiePie’s videos. However, on May 9, 2023, Kjellberg’s Twitch account received a ban, despite only streaming previously aired content of Trailer Park Boys.

In July 2023, PewDiePie, found himself involved in a controversy after he seemingly mocked a TikTok creator who is deaf. He posted a video on his YouTube channel titled: My Dog Cringes at TikToks“, in which he reacted to various videos he considered “cringe,” including one from Scarlet May, who incorporates both English and American sign languages in her content.

He issued an apology in a pinned comment on his YouTube video. He stated that he was unaware that May was deaf and admitted that it was his mistake not to realise it. He clarified in the video that he had only made fun of her long nails and that the part where he made his dog’s paws move was intended to poke fun at people constantly dancing or performing specific moves on TikTok. He also admitted that he had edited out the clip featuring May from the video.

Despite his reduced activity, his YouTube channel still boasts an impressive 111 million subscribers and has accumulated over 29 billion views. This positions his channel as one of the most subscribed and viewed on the platform.

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