Pastor Jerry Eze: Biography, ministry, YouTube, net worth

Pastor Jerry Eze: Biography, ministry, YouTube, net worth

Pastor Jerry Eze is the head pastor of the Streams of Joy International church in Nigeria and the New Season Prophetic Prayers (NSPPD) chairman. He is well known for his YouTube live streaming.


He was born in Umuahia, Abia State, Nigeria, on August 22, 1982, and raised by a single mother.

He finished high school at Ibeku High School in Umuahia. Later, he enrolled at Abia State University, where he obtained a history and international relations degree. Additionally, he holds an M.Sc. in human resource management.


While he was a student at the university, he first felt the call to teach the word of God. He served as a spiritual advisor in the All Saints Chapel at the school. He got his first position in a broadcasting company not long after graduating. Later, he joined the World Bank Project and the United Nations. However, he left in 2009 and returned to preach the gospel.

Jerry Eze created Streams of Joy International Church in 2011. He also organises the New Season Prophetic Prayers and Declaration (NSPPD).


Jerry Eze was appointed the pastor of the All Saints Chapel at Abia State University while he was a student.

PJ, as he is affectionately known, is a charismatic conference speaker and leadership coach who has a strong desire to see individuals carry out the missions that God has given them on earth. He has appeared on important stages all across the world as a result of his ministry activity.

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Pastor Jerry Eze YouTube

Pastor Jerry Eze smiling

Pastor Jerry Eze can be seen on his YouTube Livestream praying over thousands of stacks of requests he has gotten from his followers around the world every morning at 7 am Nigerian time.

Eze prays fervently in an anxious staccato, generally accompanied by his wife Eno and a companion, seeking solutions to problems including diseases, legal matters, and financial difficulties.

What God cannot do, according to Eze, does not exist. Midway through the live broadcast, he switches to pre-recorded videos of his devotees sharing testimonies that they claim are the results of his prayers. The prayer requests range from healings from terminal sickness to conception after many years of infertility and many more.

Eze has rapidly risen to the position of one of the most popular preachers on YouTube, thanks to the broadcasts on the New Season Prophetic Prayers and Declarations channel (NSPPD).

According to the analytics website Playboard, which compiles data for YouTube channels, Eze’s daily broadcasts rank among the most streamed globally on YouTube, with more than 90,000 peak concurrent viewers.

In terms of the number of live viewers globally for gospel channels on YouTube, his platform is second only to Brazilian preacher Bruno Leonardo, according to data from Playboard.

A significant portion of Eze’s donations come through his broadcasts. He is one of the highest-paid preachers on YouTube, using the Super Chat donations that the website offers to help producers make money.

For a charge that runs from $1 to $500, viewers can pin their comments on live streams using YouTube’s Super Chat function.

According to Playboard, Eze’s YouTube channel receives some of the biggest Super Chat donations worldwide.

Award-winning Nigerian artist D’banj, one of his ardent supporters, claims that attending Eze’s morning prayers has become normal.

Eze claims his celebrity is unintentional even though he has become an internet sensation.

When the epidemic stopped all church services and attendance at his new ministry, Streams of Joy International, dropped, he began live streaming to motivate his followers.

The world wasn’t the objective, Eze claims. “There was a real anxiety during the (peak of) Covid, and I observed that many members of my church were terrified to enter the building. Thus, my wife and I will log on to the internet each morning to encourage others “He says during an interview with CNN.

The live broadcasts were a success, and Eze’s YouTube channel has 880,000 members as of the time of writing. Over three years, his broadcasts had received more than 122 million views, according to data from his channel.

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Net worth

Pastor Jerry Eze’s net worth is estimated to be about $100k.


Pastor Jerry Eze family

Pastor Eno Jerry is the wife of Pastor Jerry, and together they have a lovely daughter named Samara and a son named Jerry.


Pastor Jerry Eze was born on August 22, 1982. He is 40 years old.

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Pastor Jerry Eze preaching

While his online presence has helped him gain a lot of notoriety, according to Eze, that’s not where it began. He stated that before the Internet church, there was a physical one.

Many years before he became well-known, Eze formed the Streams of Joy International church in the Umuahia neighbourhood in eastern Nigeria.

Eze is currently situated in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria, and his church has branches outside of Nigeria in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada.

His church in Abuja has seen an increase in attendance. But he has found the most success and longevity with the internet community.


The Streams of Joy Daily Devotional, a best-seller distributed throughout five continents, was written and published by PJ (Pastor Jerry Eze).

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