Pastor Bolaji Idowu stirs social media by railing against sex-for-help conditionality

Pastor Bolaji Idowu stirs social media by railing against sex-for-help conditionality 1

Pastor Bolaji Idowu, the Lead Pastor of Harvesters International Christian Centre, has stirred online discussions by condemning some men for basing their assistance to women on sexual gratification.

Addressing his congregation, Pastor Idowu emphasised that men should not expect sexual favours in return for helping women.

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He questioned the societal standard that associates financial assistance to women with a demand for sex, referencing scripture to underscore his point: “Freely you have received, freely you should give.”

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The pastor further stated, “If you want to help someone, help them unto the Lord,” highlighting that the purpose of blessings from God is to enable individuals to be a blessing to others.

Idowu also addressed the issue from the perspective of women, cautioning those who habitually accept gifts without understanding the potential expectations attached.

He maintained that women must be discerning and godly, recognizing that some gifts come with implicit conditions.

Pastor Idowu’s remarks have generated widespread discussion on X, with many netizens weighing in on the ramifications of his statement.

Watch him speak below:

Netizens react:

@Abike: “Exactly!! Cuz all men are like this and when they tell a lady “come over to my place”,the lady go con bill them “them go con open mouth like waaaahhh, like cow”

@Kingabas: “Life na give and take Pastor. If I ask you to pray for me, won’t you collect money in return?”

@Realblessing: “This is it… Who go help you, no go stress you. If you stress me, e don turn to work o”

@Mum_mye: “Will they hear? I wonder who gave guys that idea that they must sleep with a lady first before helping her. Pheww!!😔”

@Mac: “I should help you to buy phone?😂
If na that kind help then nope
Except you wan buy phone or start something that will help you
But if you’re looking for flashy things omo open that leg for me”

@Hobijah: “Why can’t women give you love without asking for money? Why must it be when I say I love you then you start needing money for hair, money for handout and practical”

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