Only ingrates don’t thank their bosses after receiving salary – Nigerian pastor

Only ingrates don't thank their bosses after receiving salary - Nigerian pastor 1

Gospel Agochukwu, a Nigerian pastor, has caused a stir on social media with his view on the employer-employee relationship.

In a Facebook post on Thursday, the priest said any employee who fails to appreciate his boss after getting salary is ungrateful.

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According to him, employees must thank their employers after receiving their paycheck at the end of the month.

“You are very ungrateful if you receive your salary and didn’t tell your boss thank you,” he wrote.

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His statement has sparked a huge debate on social media, with many disagreeing with his opinion.

Netizens react 

@nellobrown: “Even the Bible said that every labourer deserves his/her wages, salary is what you earned for working and not a privilege or giveaway that you won or was selected for.This one don smoke Igbo and begin talk rubbishhhhhhh.”

@chinonso: “Most Nigerians love to promote toxic work culture. That’s why paying people for working overtime sounds like a strange concept to some of these bosses. 9-5 is most times 7-7.”

@conunwor: “A work man is worthy of his wages. Dear pastor, if work has been done then the salary is the employer’s part of the agreement. No appreciation is required.”

@db_naturals_: “You work for money. You get paid, You should still roll on the floor to say thank you? If you didn’t need the employer service you wouldn’t have employed them na Na wa o.”

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