Only death can separate us: Woman professes undying love for madman

Only death can separate us: Woman professes undying love for madman 1

A woman has professed her undying love for her mentally-challenged partner.

In a TikTok video, she sat beside him and openly identified with him despite his unclean clothing. Another clip showed her attempting to play with him while professing her love for him.

“We swore to ourselves that only death can separate us so I can’t leave him alone,” she wrote.

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The lady added that her love for the lunatic remains the same.

“No matter the situation, I still love you,” she said.

Watch the video below:

Netizens react

KÕBBÏ JÑR said: “Thanks for dat kind of love. God bless u for ur white heart.”

user2057646612695 said: “This mad person is skillful he cn make necklace out of bottles. eiii Abigail wo papa da wa se.jx for views n likes.”

hawakemokai12 said: “Make be he went against ur oaths that’s why he went mad if its not a content na.”

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user4978732571660 said: “Wait wait wait is dis real or acting? if dis is real, den may God heal him for u.”

user4241174603039 said: “Because is a joke no lady can go back to mad boyfriend again.”

ahuofesolomon said: “God blessed you nobody will do what you did even if it’s an still God blessed you this show’s the love you have for your friends.”

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