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Off you go, sir: Nigerian lady calls off engagement to man who opposed monthly stipends she sends her parents

Off you go, sir: Lady calls off engagement to man who opposed monthly stipends she sends her parents

A Nigerian lady identified simply Ada Bekee has narrated how she called off her engagement with a man after he opposed the monthly stipends she sends to her parents.

Irritated by his opinion on the matter, she broke off the engagement before they proceeded to the altar.

Though she claimed this happened a few years ago, she shared the experience in a tweet on Thursday.

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She noted that she cannot stand a partner who messes with either her family or his own family.

According to her, “Mess with my family & you got to go!!! Mess with your own family & you got to go too. I don’t do well with unreasonable mistreatment of family members.”

Her post has elicited mixed reactions from tweeps who didn’t hold back views in support or against her action.

She however advised a man who is not in talking terms with his wife for three days because she complained about the “little stipend” he sends his parents.

In her response, she told him to go reconcile with his wife.

@Sandie_abeni recalled:
“Way to go, broke up with one because he said his mother was “yarning dust”. I didn’t need to think anything before he’ll come and tell my mother same. If they don’t respect their family; they won’t respect yours too.”

@Rennie1405 asked:
“So what if you are already married to the person & he is always in the habit of condemning & beating up your living siblings while you have been treating his own with so much love & care.. Do you leave the union?”

@cadycxy said:
“As far as its your money you are sending to your family. Why should anyone have a problem with that?”

“That’s honoring your parents and family.”

“As much as I support your decision, cos who doesn’t care for their family, I will like to ask if there was any conversation about how much of your earnings you send to your family and if it has an effect on your personal finance?

@vic_ace reacted:
“So any objection = messing with your family? I totally support taking care of one’s family. However, that guy may have just dodged a financially draining bullet. After that engagement, the next thing could be the guy shouldering that responsibility for you.”

@stunner_xoxoo affirmed:
“I have my mom on a monthly stipend as well and there’s no useless man on this earth that can put an end to that. You did well.”

Man refuses to kneel for engagement

Meanwhile, a viral video has shown the moment a Nigerian man decided to perform his engagement differently by casually giving his fiancée the ring.

In the short clip, which was posted by @gossipmilltv, the Igbo man was in a Lexus car with his girl, but instead of proposing on his knees like is the norm, he simply handed her the ring like he was giving her snacks and told her to wear it herself.

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According to him, there was no point in kneeling down to propose to a lady and all the drama that engagement entails.

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