Nurse makes shocking confession, reveals how she changed kids’ DNA results to marry their father [VIDEO]

Nurse makes shocking confession, reveals how she changed kids' DNA results to marry their father [VIDEO] 1

A nurse’s unethical act has left many people shocked.

The nurse who appeared on a confession show revealed how she swapped three kids’ DNA tests because she got attracted to their father at first sight because of his good looks.

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During the confession, the nurse, whose identity was concealed, said the man had brought his children to the hospital, where she works, to get a DNA test done on them because he suspects his wife.

The nurse said she instantly liked the man and wished to have him for herself.

According to the nurse, the DNA test showed the kids belonged to the man, but she swapped the results.

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Upon seeing results that showed the three kids weren’t his, the man was shocked, and the nurse used the opportunity to collect his number to communicate with him and console him.

They kept their communication up, and after a while, he revealed that he had divorced his wife. He became close with the nurse, and they got married and welcomed a child together.

The nurse said she got news that the ex-wife is now dead due to the DNA issue that ended her marriage.

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The nurse said her death has been hunting her, and she doesn’t know whether to continue with the marriage or not because her husband is currently happy.

She said she is having difficulty living in the house because of the thought of the woman who died because of what she did.

See reactions:

@Winifunds: “People are so vilè. Whattttt!!!! Imagine destroying someone’s home and then açcusing an innocent woman, to make everything worse, she passed away😩 Nahhhh.”

@Maidariya01: “People no longer get ashame of any shameful thing them do oo.”

@OthnielTimos: “This is pure wickedness and hatred.”

@dromotola2006: “Why the DNA test in the first instance.”

@unseenlens: ”Wow! Some women are just evil!!!!! I hope the man has found out the truth!”

@AloysiusOkonkwo: “😳😳😳this is cruel.”

@Oba_Alexander_: “Ahh Jesus, to what end biko?😢”

@Lhoisada: “E get how e go take reach ehh. I no go identify as woman again.”

@Cash_ItYoung: “Women try dey fear una selfs. No be only man go dey fear woman.”

@esthernek76: “Haaa!!! What kind of wickedness is this?!!”

@Flexydoro: “Wickedness of the highest order.”

@Oyeniyioyeyemi7: “Oh My God! Wow! Just wow!”

@Tiamiyubasit2: “Fear women o.”

@Ruggeddefender5: “How God take create this gender??”

@SmilesTochi: “Another episode of “you haven’t seen it all”. You can’t make this shit up.”

@Lhoisada: “My fellow gender continues to bust my brain everyday.”

@_SilverEdward: “Witch you have to live with yourself, which one is I can’t live with myself.”

@079me11: “Wonders shall never end. Just omooo!”

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