Norma Gibson: Ex-darling of ‘Fast & Furious’ star who refused to get a job

Norma Gibson: Ex-darling of 'Fast & Furious' star who refused to get a job

Many people may only know him by his character name “Roman Pearce”, but Tyrese Gibson is an all-rounded entertainer who has brought thrills to many homes. For a while, Gibson was complemented in his life by Norma Gibson.

Despite being from various ends of the Atlantic, the couple were together and enjoyed the time of their life. Suddenly, the duo announced that they had gone their separate ways to the astonishment of many fans

Although it has been over a decade since they divorced, there has still been immense interest by netizens in who Norma Gibson is and what she is currently doing.

Norma Gibson biography 

Norma Gibson

Norma Gibson was born on March 1, 1981, in London, the British capital. She has a mixed racial background: she is a black British lady and also has an Israeli background, courtesy of her mother.

She is 5 feet 7 inches tall and her weight is around 117 lbs. She has a super hot body and quite an attractive face.

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Not much is known about Norma Gibson’s career. However, she is popular for being the ex-wife of Tyrese Gibson, an American actor and singer.

However, a report emerged in 2018, detailing that Norma Gibson refused to get a job, despite the court-ordered child support deal between her and her former husband concerning their child requiring her to get a job. According to documents purportedly submitted by her lawyers in court, her seven hours of childcare support to her daughter is tantamount to her being busy, “living life”.

She added: “I am working. I am working on my book. I am working on my life. I am running errands at home.”

Norma Gibson family

Norma Gibson family

Actor Tyrese Gibson and Norma Gibson got married in 2007. Norma Gibson was pregnant at the time of their wedding.

Gibson, an actor and singer, was Norma’s first husband. He is well recognised for his role in the popular Fast & Furious movie. The connection between the pair was known, as Norma rose to prominence when she got married to Gibson. The duo has a daughter named Shayla Gibson.

However, the ramblings in the marriage were kept a secret up until their 2009 divorce application.

Gibson broke her silence in 2015, revealing both the custody of her children and her ex-alleged husband’s mistreatment of her during their marriage. 

The turbulent divorce of the couple was frequently featured on the front pages of newspapers in the US. The former lovers bitterly fought for the custody of their daughter. A court initially granted temporary custody of Shayla Gibson to her mother, a decision that infuriated the actor. The decision was given after it was established that Gisbon had hired a private investigator to tail his ex-wife and his daughter. Norma also accused Gibson of being physically abusive toward her while she still carried Shayla. She also noted a disturbing incident, claiming that her ex-husband was physically violent with the youngster. Gibson admitted to only striking Shayla’s bottom once but denied the rest of her mother’s claims.

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In addition to the custody ruling, the court also ordered the actor to stay 100 yards away from his former wife and their daughter.

As the court case was ongoing, Gibson stated in a 2017 interview that he only married Norma because she was pregnant with their child, claiming that his ex-wife was not happy in their marriage. He said:

I married you to keep you in the country. I never married you because we were happily married. You’re from London. I married you because we had a baby on the way and I had to do whatever I had to do so I’m not travelling all the way to London just to spend quality time with my baby.

Gibson challenged the decision and approached the court once again for a re-consideration of the case. After taking into account the facts of the case, the court decided in favour of Gibson by granting shared custody of the child to both parents.

Norma Gibson net worth 

Norma Gibson’s estimated net worth in 2022 is between $20,000-$50,000.


Norma Gibson is not on Instagram.


Norma Gibson was born on March 1 1981. She is 42 years old, as of 2023.

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