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‘No gree for anybody’: Nigerian man builds one room, furnishes it nicely

‘No gree for anybody’: Nigerian man builds one room, furnishes it nicely 1

A young Nigerian man built a single room and decorated it beautifully, proving that the decoration of a space can make all the difference.

The man, @kaytee096, posted the video on TikTok to show the transformation of his home. At the beginning of the video, the room was uncompleted and the walls were unfinished.

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The next clip showed a finished room with nicely done decorations. He used the space efficiently and placed chairs to give it a homely touch.

See the video below:

@kaytee096 My Room Transformation🥶 #viral❤️ #roomtransformation ♬ original sound – SpeedWithReed

Netizens react:

@Bolaji: “I was actually looking for a home transformation video then I bump unto this.. damn these people be reading our minds!!!”

@Rich Plug 🕊: “Please we are not Yahoo boy’s 🤲🏻 we work hard to get it 💭”

@leetech: “Bro this one nah your house or you rent am ?😏”

@PRETTY AUTHORITY❤️😊: “I started mine like that and I haven’t reached anywhere😭how did u come up with yours”

@Ajehclet: “Timi come and see motivation here 🥺we go build our own soon congratulations bro”

@nanayaaspycis💦: “A lot has been spent here 😂”

@user9631323162924: “nothing anybody one tell me again, money is everything 😂😂😂”

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