Na money abandon you, no be your friends, family – Agba Jalingo

Na money abandon you, no be your friends, family - Agba Jalingo 1

A Nigerian journalist, Agba Jalingo, has stated that the reason people feel abandoned by their family and friends is because they don’t have money. 

In a post on Facebook, he asserted that once someone becomes financially successful, all their relations and friends suddenly become interested in establishing a connection.

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He emphasised that it is not a matter of being abandoned, but rather a matter of not having the financial means to attract attention.

“No friend or family has abandoned you. Na money you no get. Just make money and all your great grand mother/father, nephews, and nieces will do introduction,” Jalingo wrote.

Netizens react:

Rex Patrick: “Where’s the lie???!”

Odenke Odemonke Ibiang: “In Nigeria just travel abroad and all your village people will start to follow you online. Your likes and comments will also increase.”

Odey Charles Sunday: “Very well said!!”

Adeshina Lawal: “Absolutely spot on._

Victor Itam: “Very true sir. In simple terms, focus all your energy in hustling.”

Akintoye Azeez Akinwale: “Absolutely true sir.
Hustle ooooo.”

Licia Otene: “Totally agree.”

Akah Pius Odey: “Undiluted truth!”

SirRobinson Ekpo Bassey: “That is life for me and you.”

Johnpaul Anashie: “Nothing but the truth.”

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