Nigerian pilot excited as his driver builds house in village

Nigerian pilot excited as his driver builds house in village 1

Arinze Odira, a popular Nigerian pilot, has expressed joy that he empowered his driver so much that he was able to build a house in his village.

He took to his verified Twitter page to state that he is proud of the employee’s accomplishment.

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According to him, he is so pleased that the driver will spend this year’s Christmas with his family in the new house.

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Netizens congratulated him on financially empowering his staff and shared similar stories.

Netizens react: 

@Chima_Chymes; “What will you call success and my founder said when everybody here is driving nice cars and living their houses. Pure Igbo breed and that was when I knew God had answered my prayers.”

@Printsallday1; “3 of my security men have built houses in their home town in the north. God has been faithful to them… wish He could hear my heart and prayers as well”

@derabigboy; “To whomever it is.. my good sir u did exceeding well. God’s blessings.”

@Adakaibeya2; “Bragging like Igbo man! “Do you know how many Umu boy that I have settled and hacha na eme ofuma?” Igbo to the world. Dallas Ọdiii.”

@chibitam_ikechi; “Brag my brother, some people have had gatemen who have worked for them for 10 to 20 years and yet they can’t afford yearly rent. Helping your driver achieve this is a big achievement, so you have the right to brag.”

@awa_karis; “Whoa, this is huge, may God bless you and yours Captain. That your dirver will never think of leaving no matter what, except health challenge, I pray that shouldn’t happen too. Amen 🙏”

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