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Nigerian man brags about 60-year-old mum’s transformation after 4 months in UK, video stirs reaction

Nigerian man brags about 60-year-old mum's transformation after 4 years in UK, video stirs reaction

A Nigerian man has stirred reactions online after sharing a video showing his 60-year-old mum’s transformational look four months after relocating to the UK.

In a video making the rounds, the man bragged about the bodily changes his mum has experienced since she moved out of Nigeria.

He put together photos of his mum leaving Nigerian and some others of her in the U.K, suggesting his mother looked way better since her stay in UK.

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The sexagenarian looked darker in the first photo used while she looked lighter in another where she was seen on a plane.

In his post, he wrote; “Mummy 60 years + in Nigeria and just 4 months in UK”.

His post triggered a few reactions from social media users who stumbled on the video.

While a user spoke about transformation, another user pointed out that he was merely glorifying the effect of a good camera over his country.

@oviefabs said:
“The woman is breathing good air not kpo fire air”

@belindapwasong wrote:
Abeg na better camera and better cloth I notice that’s all. Which you can also afford it here in Nigeria for your mom if you wish. May una no Dey shame my country”

Lady shares stunning transformation after she stopped worrying about marriage

Similarly, a beautiful Nigerian lady has shown off her jaw-dropping transformation pictures after she stopped “carrying marriage on her head.”

The lady shared some lovely pictures of herself in the before and after TikTok photo challenge that she joined.

According to her, she used to look haggard and worn out because she was burdened with all the stress that comes from marriage.

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Many married women get to carry a lot of responsibilities in marriage, so much such that it begins to affect their looks negatively and sometimes their health.

In the TikTok video shared by @Goldenmakeover1, she displayed pictures of her transformed look after she stopped allowing stress and marital crises to weigh her down.

In the ‘after’ pictures, she looked a lot younger and more beautiful than in the ‘before’ pictures. She believes that there’s more to life than marriage.

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