Nigerian lady panics as her fiance demands DNA test on their 2-year-old son

Nigerian lady panics as her fiance demands DNA test on their 2-year-old son 1

A Nigerian lady panicked after her fiancé demanded a paternity test on their 2-year-old son.

The demand for a DNA test by her partner comes only a week before the wedding as traditional rites have been concluded.

The lady’s account was shared on Facebook by Bala baba Dihis, who narrated that her partner decided to marry her after she conceived 2years ago.

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But the man is unsure of the paternity of the child and wants to conduct a DNA test to clear his doubts. However, his partner is uncomfortable with the proposed DNA test because she was sleeping with another man 3 days before her intercourse with her partner.

According to her, she met the other man two days before ovulation.

She claimed the 2-year-old child shares her partner’s complexion and smile.

See the post below:

Reactions: It’s the smiles and complexion for me

Her story has caused a buzz on social media. While some users chose to simply ‘catch cruise’, others got mathematical with her situation.

Imafidon Ayamere
When paternity issues involves using mathematical equations of if Mr. A sex before Mr. B, then Wahala done deh bi dat. Paternity don zeh

Ekene Gerald
God please may you not punish me with a cheating wife, you know I can’t stand it please, lord 😢😢😢

Adizue Chijioke Gee
It’s the smiles and complexion for me

Afeni Agbaje
This explanation in itself is a paternal fraud…. Genes aren’t measured by A do yesterday while B do it tomorrow, it matters whose semen fertilized your egg.
If Mr A’s semen fertilized your egg, Mr B shares his nourishment to the embryo thereby sharing with the child part of his own (Mr B) traits which includes his appearance in physical but the blood won’t be the same.

Kelvindiaz Oware
You’ve got only one choice baby and that’s to run 🏃🏽‍♀️

Man marries wife with two organs

Meanwhile, a newly wedded man has narrated how he discovered that his wife has both male and female reproductive organs on their wedding night.

The Ghanaian man made the disclosure when he appeared as a guest on a show named Confession.

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The man, whose identity was not revealed, said he and his wife dated for three years before they got married and that he had no idea she was a hermaphrodite because they never got intimate.

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