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Nigerian lady fries egg under sun in Italy, vows never use gas

Nigerian lady fries egg in sun

A Nigerian lady resident in Italy has triggered comments online after frying eggs under direct sun in the open.

Going by her success to make fried eggs without gas, the lady identified as Sandy Iyare amusing vowed never to pay for gas again.

In a video trending online, she was filmed pouring raw egg into a frying pan in an open space. Shockingly the heat from the sun got the egg fried.

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Social media users who have spotted the video have expressed doubts over the genuineness of her display.


While users doubted what se displayed, others have agreed with such possibility

@Pretty Queenlove disagreed:
Nah lie u don frist put am for gas”

@babydora29 commented:

“En don go heat the oil for fire , come say sun fry am. use am cook beans make we know say na true.”

@Gerard Aidoo agreed:
“true OOO. had 53° at my work last week”

@Joy reacted:

“This is not a joke bcuz I put my bathing water in the freezer just because the water in the tap is boiled by the sun in Libya .”


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Couple move from one room to big house

In other news, married man and his wife who started their dating life when they were extremely poor have become the talk of town after they upgraded to a big house.

The Nigerian couple, identified as Olufemi and Jake, started life from a humble beginning and lived in a poorly-furnished one-room apartment.

However, fortune has smiled on them, and they have moved to a fine house after they weathered the storms of many difficult years together.

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TikTok video has captured the couple’s life journey from when they had almost nothing to when things turned around for the better.

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