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Nigerian lady claims she has forgiven lover who beat her and apologised with a car gift

Nigerian lady claims she has forgiven lover who beat her and apologised with a car gift 1

A Nigerian lady who claims to have forgiven a lover who assaulted her has raised eyebrows.

The lady in a video circulating online revealed that he got her a car gift to show remorse.

Although she didn’t display the car gift, she confirmed that she has received a car he got her to beg for her forgiveness.

The duo filmed themselves holding hands as they cruise around town in a car.

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Another part of the clip shows them all loved-up in what looks like a club.

It would seem that the car gift presented to her to make amends after the beating she received was even to forget the pains.

Nigerian man apologises to lover with N10 million, gifts

In related news, a Nigerian man has raised the bar for making amends with one’s lover after his recent extravagant gesture.

To show remorse, the man gifted his lover N10 million as well as gifts to complement the cash.

In a post seen on Twitter, the recipient, Emejiaka Joy Chika was captured as she posed with a big cheque and a box filled with foreign currency notes in a room flooded with red balloons.

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To communicate his message further, an inscription stating “I’m Sorry” was visibly displayed.

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