‘She should’ve stopped with daughter’s wedding’ – Nigerian rues mother in-law’s pregnancy after six children

‘She should’ve stopped with daughter’s wedding’ - Nigerian rues mother in-law’s pregnancy after six children 1

A Nigerian man is feeling upset and embarrassed after his wife informed him that her mother is two-month pregnant.

The story was shared on X by the wife via the handle @remzsx.

According to the 25-year-old wife, who has two children, her mum called her over over the weekend and told her that her family planning had failed.

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She tearfully revealed that she is pregnant, leaving her daughter angry.

The daughter then informed her husband, who became furious at the situation. He told his wife that her mother getting pregnant again was a shameful thing for him and his family.

The husband, who is Yoruba, expressed how women stop giving birth in his culture once their child is married.

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The wife disclosed that her mother’s lastborn is three years old, and her junior sister got pregnant out of wedlock and has a 2-year-old child.

In the viral tweet, she seeks advice from netizens.

“I’m the first of my mother’s six children, 25years and married with 2kids. Over the weekend, my mom said she wanted to see me, when I got there, I met her crying. She said her family planning failed and she’s two months pregnant.

“I got angry because she ought to have stopped birthing, our last born is 3 years old, my junior sister got pregnant out of wedlock and has a 2 years old child. I calmed her and went to my house. I told my husband my mom is pregnant, he looked at me and said pregnant again?

“He said why is my mother disgracing him, that I’m married, my mom should stop giving birth, he said Yoruba people don’t do like that. I’m from Benue State, my husband is from Ondo state,he said that Yoruba people will stop giving birth once their child is married, that my mom getting pregnant again is a shameful thing to him and his family.

“Since then my husband started giving attitude, I told him all will be fine cos my mum usually have hard labor especially when she gave birth to the sixth one, we were scared that we’ll lose her.

“I don’t know what to do again, am I wrong for telling my husband?? My parents are farmers, things are very difficult for them even to feed is a problem for them even though my husband is trying his best for them but business is not moving well now and he has been angry with me,” the tweet read.

See reactions:

@dimplesamaka: “The man is not just angry that your mom got pregnant but also because he knows it’s a new responsibility for him to shoulder, if your dad is financially stable I’m sure your husband won’t give an f*….”

@omobolaji.xoxo: “Take your mummy to hospital and do abortion for her😒 Children please train your parents well 😒😒.”

@fortune_gazzy: “You people left the only culprit here and chasing shadows, what about the man that his manhood has refused to retire?”

@rosythrone: “It’s obvious the man is angry for the fact that another responsibility will be added on his shoulder. It’s valid reason though.”

@mr.agugua: “Na her papa be the problem >>>>.”

@mrucee_official: “The responsibility falls on the innocent son inlaw and this is why he’s angry and it’s valid abeg.”

@gylliananthonette: “That child now is automatically abi indirectly gonna be your responsibility also indirectly your husband own. Omo country is too hard to be giving birth up and down.”

@dee_lawal: “Where is her father? The impregnator?”

@telitub_zz: “So basically it’s your husband that’s handling the responsibilities of your family and His and He’s giving u attitude because now your mum has added another mouth for Him to feed.what do u want us to do for u now? It’s irritating to read,I am giving u attitude through my phone screen as well.Bite me🧐.”

@usendollar: “Those who cry during prayers because the pain is too much to handle!§
Mav GOD heal whatever pain vou have today. 🙏”

@za.riam: “Rule 101; don’t allow a man sees your family finish👂.”

@nedumichaels: “Nobody is talking about her papa wey dey knack the mama anyhow… Man gats chest his responsibility this time!”

@seth_wave: “You mama for just enter surrogacy business because wetin be this?”

@k.w.i.n.e.t: “There’s a comment one man dropped under tunde ednut page few days back, giving advice to single people who are about to get married and there’s only one thing I picked from it all…. As a woman NO LET YOUR HUSBAND OR E FAMILY SEE YOUR FAMILY FINISH, EVEN FOR BAD DAYS DEY HYPE THEM, well that’s all I can say, I no dey put mouth for husband and wife mata🤧.”

@iamseunniji: So your kids will be older than their Uncle/aunty? Abeg am confused.”

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