Nicole Covone: Meet Lil Durk’s ex-wife who played key role in establishing OTF

Nicole Covone: Meet Lil Durk's ex-wife who played key role in establishing OTF

Many music fans love and adore the American rap act, Lil Durk. However, a crucial individual in the rapper’s life and career that many people may be unaware of is Nicole Covone, his ex-wife. She has been an integral feature of Lil Durk’s career, right from his as an up-and-coming artiste to his ascension as a household figure in the world of hip-hop.

So, who is Nicole Covone, known for her unmissable sleeve tattoos and bright personality?

Nicole Covone biography

Nicole Covone

Nicole Covone was born on April 25, 1990, in Chicago, situated in the US state of Illinois. She has Italian and American ancestry. She was raised by her mother, Diana Covone. In 2013, her mother passed away.

Covone ad her basic and high school education in Chicago. She is mostly referred to as “Nikki”.

She is an American entrepreneur and internet celebrity who is famously known as the ex-wife of popular American rapper Durk Derrick Banks, known professionally as Lil Durk. 

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Nicole Covone Instagram

Covone is currently active on a few social media platforms, majorly Instagram and TikTok. Her Instagram handle currently boasts a follower count of about 265,000, and Nicole is fond of sharing photos of her kids engaging in numerous fun activities and outings.

Her Instagram page is also graced with several video compilations of herself living her best life. Her Instagram handle is @thereal_nikkic_1.

Nicole Covone’s net worth

Covone earns a living from working in the credit restoration industry and is the Chief Executive Officer of a firm known as Credit Clique. She is also said to be a founding member of the record label and rap collective, “Only The Family”, which goes to say she most likely makes money from the music business as well.

It has not been officially declared what her net worth is but according to reports, Covone’s projected net worth is said to range between $800,000 to $1 million.

Nicole Covone and Lil Durk

Nicole Covone/Lil Durk

Lil Durk and Nicole Covone began dating as adolescents sometime around 2008 when Durk was 16 years of age. They allegedly got married in secret in 2011, just as Durk’s music was starting to attain popularity both inside and outside of Chicago. They only invited a small group of people to their intimate wedding.

Currently, Covone is single as she and Lil Durk are separated in 2016, and she seems to be focused on her business and her kids. Covone and Lil Durk had two children: a daughter named Bella and a boy named Angelo, during their marriage.

Many rap fans who are conversant with Durk’s music have alleged that Nicole is a co-founder of the famous rap imprint/label, “Only The Family“, which serves as both a rap collective and record label (OTF) and is spearheaded by Lil Durk. Also, Nicole Covone works in the credit restoration service. 

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Nicole Covone controversies

Covone and Lil Durk experienced marital constraints during their marriage. At the time that Covone was expecting their daughter, her husband was arrested and imprisoned for gun possession. Covone found it difficult to navigate the situation and period, especially as she was pregnant.

In addition to their difficulties, Lil Durk had secretly fathered a second son, Zayden, who was born to a different woman right after Bella’s birth. The aftermath of the birth of Zayden saw Lil Durk make several efforts to keep the identity of his baby mama off the public’s radar. All of these did not sit well with Covone, who already had her mind made up for a divorce.

As a result of the infidelity and constant break of trust in their relationship, Covone finally divorced her husband in 2016. The divorce was followed by an internet fight after Lil Durk stated he sought sole custody of their children.

Nicole Covone children

Covone took her ex-husband’s remarks seriously, countering him even after he (Lil Durk) suggested that the mothers of his children were wonderful. Covone made sure her voice was heard as she stood her ground, stating that it takes more than just spending money to raise children. According to her, dedication, sacrifice, and patience are also needed.

Lil Durk maintains an excellent relationship with his children, as seen by his social media postings and tributes to them on important days, even though he does not get to see them very often.

What is Nicole Covone doing now?

Nicole Covone selfie

If her Instagram page is anything to go by, Covone seems to be enjoying a quiet life and shuffling between being a CEO and a mum. The mother of two is currently 32 years old and would be celebrating her 33rd birthday by April 2023.

Both Covone and Lil Durk share joint custody of their kids. However, the kids live with her in a decent apartment in the Chicago area of Illinois. 

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