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Never visiting him again: Nigerian lady shares shocking photos of her boyfriend’s dirty room

Lady vows never to visit her dirty boyfriend again

A pretty Nigerian lady was stunned after seeing the dirty-looking room her boyfriend lives in.

The lady identified as Faith went on a visit to her lover’s place but didn’t expect what she met with.

The kitchen was so untidy and looks like no one has cooked there for months, and it looks like the floor hasn’t been swept or mopped in ages.

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The interior of the room was so scattered and had things littered all over the place, and some netizens even questioned if her boyfriend was rearing pigs in his apartment.

Interestingly, some other social media users have said Faith is not a wife material and that she should have cleaned the room for him.

However, Faith has vowed never to revisit his house owing to how dirty the place is.


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Beautiful Nigerian Lady Declares Her Unfailing Love For Her Broke Boyfriend Who Lives In The Trenches

Meanwhile, an excited Nigerian man shared via social media platform, TikTok, his amazing love story with his girlfriend.

The young man, Erikan Sampson, was full of praise for his girlfriend and hailed her for showing such a high level of understanding.

In the TikTok video, the man revealed that despite residing in a humble abode, his girlfriend was not ashamed to visit him there.

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