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Never engage with someone who has nothing to lose – Iyabo Ojo advises Davido, other men

Never engage with someone who has nothing to lose - Iyabo Ojo advises Davido, other men

Nollywood star, Iyabo Ojo, has added her voice to the ongoing controversy surrounding Davido and his alleged pregnant American side chick, Anita Brown.

Brown had taken to social media recently, publicly criticizing Davido and accusing him of impregnating her while urging her to terminate the pregnancy.

In response to the social media drama, Iyabo Ojo has advised Davido and other men.

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In an open letter penned by the actress, she urged men to be mindful of their reputation, especially if they have one to safeguard.

The mother of two stressed the importance of avoiding associations with individuals with nothing to lose, cautioning that such alliances often lead to unfavourable outcomes.

She stated that although no woman genuinely desires to share her partner, some may reluctantly agree due to cultural, religious, financial, or other factors.

She added that some would go to great lengths to ruin everything if they could not possess the man exclusively.

The screen goddess also offered a word of caution to men lacking self-control, advising them to exercise caution in their actions.

Iyabo Ojo’s open letter has gained traction online, generating mixed reactions from netizens.

Read comments below:

@officialarole said: “This is a full sermon.”

@bumbum_0106 wrote: “You said it all, I’m going thru same thing right now, I posted the girl though she’s the one that sent romantic video he did with my man to me but my mom begged me to delete the post which I did but it hurt a lot thanks auntie Iyabo.”

@bashtalks penned: “I’ve always said this, and I’m glad to read it here again. Being a man is not because you’ve got a stick between your legs but the ability to be Man enough by being disciplined and having self control. Always remember no one else will be by your side when the chips are down but that one person, so treat them perfectly right, so many of us women don’t forgive emotional torture, it takes grace to let go. Be a Man that you are made to be.”

@mcjoker4011 wrote: “So sad… everyone is going to run away from this question.. ᴅᴏ ʏᴏᴜ ʟᴏᴠᴇ ɢᴏᴅ!”

@twecy said: “I have never seen a wise woman like iyabo… the fact u say it as it is mehn that’s a lotta respect I gat for u… God bless you ma.”

@brightshine9311 advised: Repent now, everyone. Please, for the kingdom of God is at hand. There’s no repentance in the grave. What will you gain, when you enjoy the whole world 🌎 and loses your soul? Your own rapture might come suddenly. You sleep and not do wake up. That’s your own rapture. The devil comes but to steal, kill and destroy. Please don’t give yourself to the devil. Jesus is the way, truth and life. You can’t have peace in this world except in Jesus. Please repent! God bless you all, Amen.”

@woods_lauretta prayed: “God bless you abundantly for this write up. You are wise!”

@preciousismarketing hailed: “Another queen mother I know! Words on rock.”

@myrealnameisgold said: “ORO AGBA from START to FINISH.”

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