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Netizens ‘couldn’t breathe’ after hearing Nigerian pupils speak with American accent

Netizens ‘couldn’t breathe’ after hearing Nigerian pupils speak with American accent 1

Some Nigerian pupils are currently trending on TikTok following their attempt to speak the English language with a bogus American accent.

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The video, shared by @cradleland, quickly captured the attention of netizens who were amused by their display.

Each child took turns in front of the camera to say words they had memorized before hand.

They essentially spoke about the meaning behind the Easter holiday and wished their audience a happy Easter.

See the video below:

@cradleland♬ original sound – cradleland school kasangati

Netizens react:

@Fatima: “When you learn the accent before the language.”

@Gladys mungo: “That’s how am also forcing my relationship.”

@User9392939229299292: “Dyu have a baable? if you dant then gawon.”

@Kaks DJ: “”Do you have a babble” is from Texas.”

@Juanita: “Hurpy Heasturrr Horldiday.”

@Nabaweesi Mar: “I have realised that school admits pupils of the same dental formula.”

@Tee Far: “Who is responsible for these accents?”

@Jucky Javixs686: “Just teach them corruption already.”

@Adronah: “Now l see why cool kids wear braces.”

@Loubha: “By the time I got to the third child I couldn’t breathe.”

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