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Nancy Isime opens up on weight loss, BBL reduction

Nancy Isime opens up on weight loss, BBL reduction 1

Popular Nigerian actress and media personality, Nancy Isime, has moved to dispel conspiracy theories by sharing the story of her weight loss and purported BBL reduction.

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The video of her latest gym session went viral, with netizens quick to notice the significant reduction in the size of her backside.

Nancy, in a latest Instagram post, explained that she gained weight in 2022 for a movie project, which led to her transformation. She admitted struggling for a long time to lose the weight and return to her former size.

She mentioned that her metabolism didn’t cooperate with her, and she had to carry the extra weight for over a year and across multiple projects. She continued by saying that she didn’t want to go through the same struggle again.

The actress recently achieved her desired weight, but she has chosen to keep the tips and secrets she used to herself.

In her words, “I kinda like the narrative of my yansh bursting, adds a lirru Razzmatazz to my boring Online Personality.”

In conclusion, Nancy encouraged those who generate rumors about her life and personality to be more creative with their speculations.

She emphasized that she is just a hardworking girl who focuses on her craft, loves one man, keeps her circle tight, maintains her lane, and always minds her business.

The actress humorously added, “Nah! Bring on the conspiracy theories please, just be a little creative, stop embarrassing your Secondary School principal.”

See her post below:


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Netizens react;

@opedamie: “Loves one man. Them go soon propose to Nancy too. That’s if she’s not even engaged yet.”

eddyson.stanley: “Haaa me am not happy seeing this way oh I like u chobby.”

@_big_meerah: “At the end of the day, even the most perfect people ain’t perfect.”

@themagicalprecious: ” I said this the other day that I’m seeing a general weight loss, not just a butt thing ….. Btw, The “Loves one man.”

@keni_berry01: “Emphasis on “stop embarrassing your secondary school principal” I loveeettttt Welldone Nancy Your new body is bodying btw.”

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