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My School President: Thai series which showcases cuteness of Boy Love drama

My School President: Thai series which showcases cuteness of Boy Love drama

My School President is a Thai series that has captured the hearts of viewers worldwide. The series not only explores the complexities of relationships but also portrays the undeniable cuteness of Boy Love drama.

If you are not a fan of Boy Love (BL) drama, My School President will get you addicted and make you will become a BL watcher. Considering how social media users have been raving about the series, here is all you need to know about My School President.

My School President series

My School President series

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the BL series boomed in 2020 and My School President emerged as a standout offering for fans of the genre. This Thai boys love (BL) drama, starring Gemini Norawit Titicharoenrak and Fourth Nattawat Jirochtikul, captivated viewers with its unique storyline and super cute characters. From its debut on December 2, 2022, until the final episode aired on February 24, 2023, the series gained a massive following and became a trending topic on social media,

My School President centres around “Gun”, the talented vocalist of the band Chinzilla, who is determined to redeem the group after a setback with their former leader, “Yak”. Assisting “Gun” on his journey is “Tinn”, the school president and the son of the school’s principal, played by Gemini Norawit.

“Tinn” not only wants to help Chinzilla conquer the Hot Wave music competition but also seeks to win “Gun’s” heart in the process. However, “Tinn” faces obstacles, especially with his mother, “Photjanee”, who holds a grudge against Chinzilla due to their past with “Yak”.

The series brilliantly keeps viewers hooked with its engaging conflicts, from the club’s struggle to retain its existence, to their efforts to join the prestigious Hot Wave contest and gain parental acceptance.

These situational challenges add depth to the characters and make their journey all the more compelling.

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Set in a middle school, My School President effectively uses music and talent to entice viewers. The powerful vocals of “Gun”, complemented by the musical skill of “Sound” and Chinzilla’s band members, “Win”, “Por”, “Phat” and “Yo”, create an immersive and enjoyable experience.

The chemistry between “Tinn” and “Gun”, as well as the camaraderie among the Chinzilla band members, “Win”, “Por”, “Phat”, and “Yo”, tugs at the heartstrings of viewers. Additionally, “Tinn’s” friend, “Thiu”, plays a crucial role in devising strategies to help “Tinn” win “Gun’s” heart.

While Chinzilla may not have won the Hot Wave competition, My School President triumphs in showcasing the victories achieved in love and family bonds. “Tinn” and “Gun’s” relationship blossoms, overcoming the challenges they face and both characters find acceptance and love not only in each other’s hearts but also in their families.

For those who want to experience the magic of love and music, all episodes of My School President are available on GMMTV’s YouTube channel, ready to enchant audiences with its beautiful and unforgettable tale.

My School President's plot

My School President’s plot

My School President’s plot is centred around the Boy Love of two of its main characters. “Gun” is a high school musician, leading the band Chinzhilla with his friends “Win”, “Por”, “Yo” and “Phat”. Winning the Hot Wave Music Awards means a lot to “Gun”, especially since they are in their senior year, and it is their last chance to perform together before graduation.

Unfortunately, their band has a negative reputation due to past incidents and this led the school authorities to consider disbanding them. “Gun” applies for the student council president position to save the band, but faces tough competition from “Tinn”, the principal’s son, who uses smear tactics against him. “Tinn” is elected as the student council president and “Gun” must negotiate with him to save the band by winning a music competition.

“Tinn” harbours a hidden crush on “Gun”, the head of the music club, and lead singer of the band Chinzhilla. As the principal’s son, “Tinn” faces pressure to improve the school’s reputation by eliminating underperforming clubs.

When “Tinn” discovers that Chinzhilla has a rule forbidding dating until they win the Hot Wave Music Contest, he is determined to support them in any way possible to achieve that victory. Though they perform at an unexpected venue, “Gun” is determined to win, unaware of “Tinn’s” hidden motives.

My School President cast

My School President cast

My School President cast includes:

  • Norawit Titicharoenrak as Tin 
  • Nattawat Jirochtikul as Gun 
  • Thanawin Pholcharoenrat as Win
  • Kittiphop Sereevichayasawat as Sound
  • Arun Asawasuebsakul as Por
  • Theepakorn Kwanboon as Phat 
  • Passatorn Koolkang as Yo 
  • Pakin Kunaanuvit as Thiuson 
  • Napat Patcharachavalit as Khajorn
  • Sarocha Watitapun as Tin’s Mother
  • Gosin Rachakrom as Tin’s Father
  • Pijika Jittaputta as Gun’s Mother
  • Thakorn Promsatitkul as Yak

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My School President seasons and episodes

My School President consists of 12 episodes, each running between 45 to 70 minutes, with the final episode being approximately 70 minutes long.

Episode 1

In Episode 1, the newly appointed principal of Niyomsil School announces her intention to eliminate underperforming clubs and “Gun’s” music club becomes her primary target. Meanwhile, “Gun” decides to run for student body president to gain the authority to decide the fate of the clubs.

However, he faces tough competition from the principal’s son, “Tinn”, who ultimately wins the election. Determined to save his music club, “Gun” now strives to improve its reputation through competitions while facing obstacles from both time constraints and “Tinn’s” apparent desire to see them fail.

Episode 2

If “Gun” wins the student body president election, he will have to leave the music club, putting “Tinn” in a difficult position as he competes against his crush.

Nevertheless, after saving “Gun’s” club from being disbanded, “Tinn’s” mother takes back all the instruments they had. Despite this setback, “Tinn” secretly goes to great lengths to provide new equipment for the club without revealing his involvement in the efforts.

Episode 3

After “Tinn” promises to assist their band, “Gun” seeks his help to persuade the principal to approve their Hot Wave application. Together, they manage to convince her, but she sets a condition that they must pass all their mid-term exams. Seeing an opportunity, “Tinn” decides to privately tutor “Gun” even though “Gun” may not be the quickest learner.

Episode 4

“Sound”, a talented guitarist, enrols at Niyomsil Sueksa and catches the attention of Chinzhilla, who wants him to join their band. Unbeknownst to others, “Sound” is “Tinn’s” former rival and decides to join the band to fuel the rivalry between the student council and the music club. However, upon his arrival, “Sound’s” criticisms of “Gun’s” leadership skills lead to “Gun’s” resignation from the club.

Episode 5

As the students ponder their futures and “Gun’s” mother faces challenges in sustaining her business, “Gun” starts considering leaving the club and music altogether. Witnessing “Gun’s” dejected state, “Tinn” takes it upon himself to lift his spirits and offer support. Meanwhile, “Por” and “Thiu” decide to study with the same tutor and “Win” participates in a rap battle hosted by “Sound”.

Episode 6

Chinzhilla plans to shoot a music video for their cover of Tilly Birds’s Just Being Friendly (Phuean Len Mai Len Phuean). “Thiu” and “Tinn” assist with the production, and “Thiu” arranges for “Tinn” to be paired with “Gun” in the recreation of the original MV. The two have been troubled by “Tinn’s” response to the question of whom he likes in the music club.

Episode 7

“Yo” urges the club to rethink their position on members dating each other, just as “Tinn” and “Gun” stumble upon the fact that “Yo” has an online girlfriend who believes he resembles “Tinn”. To address the situation, “Tinn”, “Gun” and “Yo” decide to go on a date with “Yo’s” online girlfriend so he can be honest with her. Throughout the date, “Tinn” attempts to turn it into a romantic outing between himself and “Gun”.

Episode 8

In the week leading up to their first qualifying Hot Wave performance, the band decides to stay overnight at school, with “Tinn” taking charge of supervision.

Episode 9

During the term break, the band embarks on a beach trip. Unexpectedly, club senior “Yak” shows up and transforms the vacation into a training camp. Meanwhile, “Gun” and “Sound” face challenges while trying to compose love songs.

Episode 10

This episode revealed “Gun’s” mother’s, “Giw” health issue – a brain tumour causing migraines. “Tinn” promises not to tell “Gun” until after the Hot Wave competition, but eventually confesses. “Gun” forgives “Tinn” after learning about his past efforts and rushes to him. “Thiu” helps the group gather fans for the show. “Tinn’s” mother, “Photjanee”, becomes suspicious of their relationship but refrains from taking a drastic step when “Gun” calls.

Episode 11

Accompanied by “Tinn”, the music club embarks on a trip to a temple. Along the way, they encounter a closed-off road and have to walk, even with “Por” injured. Still feeling the sting of their Hot Wave loss, the heat and physical strain create tension among the club members. Meanwhile, Principal “Photjanee” becomes determined to uncover the truth behind “Tinn’s” proximity to “Gun”.

Episode 12

After deciding to maintain their relationship in private, “Gun” and “Tinn’s” privacy is breached when intimate pictures of them surface and circulate on social media, revealing their relationship to the public.

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