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My ‘oyinbo’ mother-in-law never liked me – Nollywood actress, Susan Peters

Susan Peters

Nollywood actress and entrepreneur Susan Peters has disclosed one of the reasons her seven-year marriage ended.

Susan has disclosed that her former mother-in-law never liked her because of her skin colour.

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My 'oyinbo' mother-in-law never liked me - Nollywood actress, Susan Peters 1
Susan and her ex-husband

In a recent event, Susan disclosed that her ex-mother-in-law never liked her because of her skin colour. She asserted this while reacting to a video of the Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry, speaking on how the royal family behaved toward his wife, Meghan, because she is half-black.

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On her Instagram page, Susan noted that her mother-in-law also disliked her throughout her short-lived marriage, possibly contributing to her failed marriage.

“We all go through the same thing, my mother In-law never liked me too. I think the color itself is intimidating, oh well … we never agreed with each other at all,” She wrote.

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She got legally married to her Dutch husband, Koen Croon, at the Ikoyi Marriage Registry, Lagos, in 2015. However, news of their divorce went viral in 2022. There were unconfirmed presumptions that their marriage ended long before then. The estranged couple’s marriage was allegedly chaotic from the onset because they lived far away.

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The actress was focused on her acting career in Nigeria while her husband was abroad. Susan allegedly refused to give up her prosperous acting career for her marriage, which suffered extremely and reportedly crashed due to adultery.

Susan has since moved on and has removed every trace of her ex-husband from her social media handles.

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