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‘My High School Bully’: Exposing the complex dynamics of bullying

'My High School Bully': Exposing the complex dynamics of bullying

Bullying remains a distressing issue that plagues schools worldwide, leaving lasting scars on its victims. “My High School Bully”, a captivating anime manga series, delves into the intricate web of bullying.

Centred on four students – Yure Lee, Kylie Jung, Sue Chae, and Davel Jo – this series unravels the complex dynamics of bullying.

What is ‘My High School Bully’?

What is 'My High School Bully'?

My High School Bully exposes the harsh realities of bullying that many individuals face during their formative years. The series pulls back the curtain and reveals that bullying knows no boundaries, affecting anyone regardless of their background or capability. It serves as a reminder that most kids encounter bullying at some point, with many even participating in it out of fear of becoming victims themselves.

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My ‘High School Bully’ manga

My 'High School Bully' manga

This ongoing manhwa, was published in 2020. Andrew crafted the narrative, while Kkokkio provided the illustrations. The story revolves around drama and is categorised as an adult comic.

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How to read My High school bully

How to read My High school bully

You can access my high school bully manga for free on various online platforms. Such as:

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