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‘No place like home’ – Reactions as Biola Adebayo shares plight of UK-based Nigerian family

'No place like home' - Reactions as Biola Adebayo shares plight of UK-based Nigerian family 1

Nollywood actress, Biola Adebayo is deeply saddened by the heart-wrenching story of a Nigerian couple living in the UK. 

The couple revealed to her in a private message that their three children had been taken away from them because their eldest child reported that they beat him.

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Desperate for assistance, they pleaded with the actress to post on her page if they could find a black solicitor who would be willing to offer free consultation services.

It was revealed that the children’s mother was left in a miserable state, and they are afraid.

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Biola Adebayo, moved by their distressing situation, shared their message on Instagram with the caption, “My heart is bleeding reading this.”


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See reactions:

@ceedee_que: “Once they get their kids back,they should be sent to grandma in Nigeria💯awon Omo osan.”

@ayan_tee_: “Omoo all the uk pikin ,need better oraimo cord ah swear.”

@temiladediamond: “Ouwa oooo
When will Nigeria be great again
So we won’t av any reason to JAPA from our own Home!!!!!!
No place like home 🏡.”

@hassbim: “This was one the reason I left my children back in Lagos, I didn’t want them to stay in America, they have been here for Holiday. May Almighty Allah help this Family.”

@priceless_yetty89: “The child must have said some things that caused alarm. There is something called safe guarding. What the child said breached safeguarding. You are allowed to smack but you must not leave a mark or use anything to smack the child. As a teacher in the UK we have had a lot of children from Nigeria recently, and I’m so sorry to say their behaviour is as bad as the children here. Most can’t speak yoruba and they are extremely forward, aggressive and spoilt. Very few exhibit the discipline and respect as Africans we used to be proud of. Young Nigerians bringing up children differently.”

@dafoy.hair: “Jesu😢 3children?.”

@obiagelisteve: “Why will they take the 3kids,it was only one that was flogged.”

@adediwura0610: “This is not the time to feel miserable, it’s a time to be swift and be proactive, as a mother myself I know how the mother is feeling but the parents needs to be more prayerful and upright because if the social services sees the mother behaving weird they will tag it as mentally unstable and that means the children has gone. Now the issue is, is their any mark on the child or children from beating cus they will do a body map for them to confirm, did u actually beat them, what did you beat them with, go and get a lawyer who is experienced in this field to help you secondly do u have a friend or family member that can accommodate your children temporarily during the investigation period and if it’s a parent that the children accused or both parent, if it’s only a parent that has safeguarding issues the other can take over the children and the accused parent can leave the house temporarily, im saying this because if your children are taken to all those greedy Oyinbo they will look for all reasons not to let the children go back to their parents because of the benefits involve and they don’t look well after them. I pray God will intervene for You 🙏🏻.”

@omazion4life: “I pray that God intervene for this family so they can get their kids back, this right here is not a good place to be at all.”

@imjustprecious: “Work with social services, do not admit you neat the kids. Tell them you’re happy to go for parenting class. Pray, show you’re mentally OK to look af6er the kids. By God’s grace you will get your kids back 🙏.”

@shawty_tomi: “So it’s a crime too correct a child.”

@motayo41: “The mother needs to stay strong, and be on her knees, bosi ihoho ki ogba oyan ati inu emu, gbadura ki ife e fasi okan awon omo yen, they will be d one crying that they want to go to their parents plus seek professional help too. work and pray loro yi gba, and i will be praying for her henceforth. The king could not sleep because of Mordecai so therefore be strong.”

@realbriannagold: “The madness that reside in Childs heart can be undone with cane. Na Bible talk ham. They are the one that brought the Bible to us but they are not following it.”

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