I want my daddy: Little girl cries out from her sleep, stirs emotional reactions

I want my daddy: Little girl cries out from her sleep, stirs emotional reactions |

A little girl has gotten people on social media emotional after she broke down in tears while missing her father.

The kid, who is being raised along with her siblings by her single mom, cried out from her sleep, demanding to be with her dad. Her sister could also be seen in the clip, looking sad.

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The video was shared by her mother on TikTok, who said:

“Guys please stop having these babies and leaving them out here after getting used to you. This is a video of my 2-year-old crying in her sleep for her dad.”

View the video below:


Please stop this cycle no child deserves this #brokenhomes #brokenpromises #FYP #Parenting #heartbreak

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Reacting to the viral video, a single mum advised the mother not to worry so much, as the kids would get over it.

Nigerian mum shares video of her daughter who fell asleep on the stairs

A Nigerian mum left social media in stitches after she shared a video showing her daughter’s sleeping position.

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The pretty little girl named Farrah apparently got tired at the thought of climbing up the flight of stairs and decided to sleep off right there.

Her mum said she was surprised when she saw her daughter asleep on the tiled stairs. However, she said the little girl probably got it from her since she herself could sleep anywhere.

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