My church says we can’t marry, but I love him – Lady cries out


A Nigerian lady, Blessed Treasure, has sought advice on social media after her church rejected her man because he is not a member.

According to her, one of her church leaders told her she can’t marry the man, but she has prayed for a long time and her feelings for him are growing stronger.

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Sharing her story on Facebook, Blessed Treasure asks netizens for advice.

“Greetings to you all. I need advice please. Somebody is asking for my hand in marriage but he is not in the same church with me.

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“When I relate the matter to one of my leaders he said no. I gave him conditions and he accepted all though he was once a member of my church but.

“What will I do because I have prayed for a long time now but the love is just increasing day by day,” she said.

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