My butt is so big it breaks toilet seats — Woman claims

My butt is so big it breaks toilet seats — Woman claims 1

While some may be envious of her big bottom, a UK TikToker is exposing the drawbacks of having a huge butt.

The woman, who goes by Mango and publishes as @herroyalthighness, frequently uploads movies illustrating the difficulty of navigating life with a bodacious bum.

“You say you want a big bunda, but do you know what comes with that?” Mango polled her followers.

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In one video, she assures viewers that not even the toilet seat is safe from her massive thighs.

“If you ever come across a toilet with a broken seat at the back like this, a big bunda was there,” she joked.

She then confesses that pulling off some outfits was even more difficult.

Mango showed a photo of pop sensation Adriana Grande in a huge yellow jumper that reached her mid-thighs and stated she couldn’t replicate it.

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“Good luck trying to rock this cute oversized clothes aesthetic,” she explained. “Looks good from the front, but when you turn around, the aesthetic gives more aunty vibes than anything else.”

Another problem the TikToker has is squeezing past people in crowded locations such as theatres, restaurants, and aisles, which she describes as “embarrassing.”

“The bunda has a mind of its own,” she chuckled. “It will relentlessly knock anything out of its way.”

In other footage, she said that sofa arms are difficult to sit on, that jogging can occasionally attract unwanted attention, and that her butt is “always cold.”

“It’s a large surface area,” she joked

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