‘My back must breathe’: Mother straps baby to pillow, video stirs reactions

'My back must breathe': Mother straps baby to pillow, video stirs reactions 1

A Nigerian mother has caused a buzz after strapping her infant child to a pillow.

In a TikTok video, the woman, Ewa Adeyemi, revealed how her baby likes being backed from morning to night.

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“She wants to be backed from morning till night,” she wrote.

The mother, who wanted to do other things, then came up with a unique idea that has stirred reactions from netizens.

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See reactions:

@faithjovana: “God bless you ma for this idea 😂😂😂 my back must breath in Jesus name.”

@arikbeff.1: “pinkin no go wise reach him mama.”

@lukapjr: “If my future wife tie my pikin like dis nah serious fight ooo 😂 they are born to disturb let her disturb in peace.”

@classic_dannie: “😂😂😂😂😂 mama don tire.”

@irekhanmhi: “😂lol Abeg drop tutorial.”

@stephnie486: “Thanks for the idea saved for my future baby 😭🥰😂😂”

@hannaray123: “Justice for my bby we no go gree ooooo… online mummy’s association of Nigeria.”

@queennuella462: “I don learn the new pattern l go use for my sister child, thank you for this update, at least it comes early ☺️☺️”

@theophiliawarden: “The problem is my husband la ! He won’t agree oooo these babies be doing the most to us eh hmm.”

@joygiver850: “They think they are wiser than their mothers 😂pikin wey no go allow the mama back breath Na so we go do m😂”

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