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Mothers are so strong: New mum cries in pains as she breastfeeds baby for the first time

mum cries as she breastfeeds baby

A new mother got teary eyed while she breastfed her baby for the first time, causing netizens to recount their own experiences.

In the video, the new mother used the opportunity to appreciate and celebrate mothers, noting that the experience was not an easy one. The woman had gone through a C-section to give birth to her baby.

Post surgery, the new mum was breastfeeding the newborn just after feeding the theatre which caused her to cry and scream in pains as the baby suckled in the TikTok video.

mum cries as she breastfeeds baby
New mum cries in pains as she breastfeeds her baby

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She explained that the reason for the pain was sore nippl*s due to the baby latching incorrectly. However, she endured the pain and watched her baby feed.

She went on to share a lovely picture of herslef and the baby a year later which prompted reactions from netizens who were full of admiration and praise for mothers.

@DETTA SPANIARD said: “Saw my baby mama went through it,,thats why i cant left her side because she gave me a beautiful daughter.”

@Abmeliah said: “This happened to me with my first son.. I literally cried when breastfeeding him.. but it was all worth it.”

@Zayden’s mommy said: “Never knew it was that painful I do feel pain wen I’m feeding my son my but not like this ….U are so strong.” 

@Shaniel ShanShan Gre said: “My first time didn’t hurt, it felt weird and amazing, i didn’t know I had milk.. I’m so sorry u had to go thru that.. the other will be better.” 

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Mother of new set of twins flaunts giant baby bump after babies arrived a month before due date

Meanwhile, a lady who recently gave birth to a set of twins has revealed the giant baby bump she carried before the arrival of her babies.

The strong mum identified as Rhonda Richardson, while sharing images of the huge protrusion disclosed that her twins arrived weeks before the due date.

Rhonda noted that the twins were delivered after 35 weeks and 2 days, which is eight months. This means the cuties came into her life about 5 weeks, which is a month before the conventional 40 weeks (nine months) circle.

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