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Mother, daughter celebrate graduating nursing school together

Mother, daughter celebrate graduating nursing school together 1

A mother and her daughter have completed nursing school together in Toledo, Spain.

Shalisa and Mishay Davis, mother and daughter, are from Detroit, but they both studied at the Hondros College of Nursing in Toledo.

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“We found Hondros, and I wanted to go. So she decided that she wanted to go as well. So, we just decided to do it together,” said Shalisa.

Shalisa was a practical nurse for over 20 years, but she said she wanted to do more in the field.

“As a mother when you watch your children graduate from college, you feel kind of complete,” said Shalisa as she spoke about watching Mishay walk across the stage to accept her certificate. “You feel as a parent, even though we made mistakes, we did something right.”

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Mishay stated that she was encouraged to join her mother in class and that they both performed the role of caretaker to each other.

“[I would] stay on top of her, like ‘Did you study this, did you get your homework done’, versus her yelling at me to get your homework done,” said Mishay.

The pair weren’t the only ones in the family who celebrated their hard work this year. Mishay’s brother and Shalisa’s son, Justin Davis earned his college degree as well, just a week later.

The mother and daughter say his accomplishment made theirs even sweeter, and they gave him credit for his help.

“The days where we both had to be at school or clinicals, he kept my daughter and granddaughter, so he was an intricate part of the program for us,” said Shalisa.

Mishay passed her boards and intends to continue her education. She aspires to be a family practitioner.

Shalisa stated that she wishes to open her own clinic to assist populations with limited access to healthcare.

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