Caught in the act: New mother catches her little boy trying to breastfeed his baby sister

Caught in the act: New mother catches her little boy trying to breastfeed his baby sister - skabash

A heartwarming video has shown the moment a little boy tried hard to do his mum’s duties by breastfeeding his baby sister. 

In the short clip posted on TikTok by @shugagift, the boy, in an apparent bid to imitate his mother, reached for his chest area and dragged it towards the baby’s mouth.

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While it didn’t reach the baby’s mouth, the kid kept trying to perform the motherly duty, and the little girl reacted by opening her mouth and staring at her brother expectantly.

In reaction, the mum posted the video and captioned it: “Caught in the act.”

The little kid’s actions are most likely an attempt to imitate his mother; according to Michigan State University, children can pick behaviours such as this through observational learning.

“Children learn and imitate behaviours by watching and listening to others. This is sometimes called “observational learning,” when children can learn things simply by observing others,” it says.


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I want a baby brother or sister: Little boy cries uncontrollably for a sibling, moves his mother to tears

In related news, a video of a little boy who was inconsolable as he requested a baby brother or sister from his mother has gone viral.

The little boy returned from school and told his mother that he wanted a baby brother or sister while crying uncontrollably.

In the video posted by @derafrancis468 on TikTok, his mother was moved to tears as the boy continued to cry even after she tried to console him.

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