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Monster Girls Dream: Erotic game where users are sent into rapture

Monster Girls Dream: Erotic game where users are sent into rapture

Monster Girls Dream is an erotic game made by Threshold. Currently in alpha and active development, this porn game has gained popularity since its launch in 2019. If you looking to have some erotic fun without having to leave your room, then try the Monster Girl Dreams. It is also a great alternative to watching adult videos.

With Monster Girl Dreams, you are not a spectator but you are also a participant, in a virtual way. To know about this role-playing game (RPG), read this article.

What is Monster Girls Dream?

What is Monster Girls Dream?

Monster Girls Dream is a text-based BFRPG (Battle F*** Role-Playing Game) made in Ren’Py. The game was developed by Threshold and was released on March 9, 2019.

In the game, users are expected to have graduated from an adventuring school known as Adventum. Then, they travel to the home continent of monster girls, Lucidia, so that you can prove your worth as an adventurer.

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However, there is no violence in this game. But you are expected to get “physical” with the girls. Therefore, adventure, loot, and seduce your way through a plethora of fantasy-oriented locations to free yourself of your collected debt, or get f***ed into submission. Your choice. Note that you also have to defeat the Demon Queen.

Monster Girl Dreams mod

Monster Girl Dreams mod

Monster Girls Dream is a combative girl which revolves around tactically outwitting your female monster opponents. You not only have to defeat those girls but also resist the enticing deals they offer, making every encounter a test of your willpower.

Monster Girls Dream characters are designed to break down your will. They are equipped with status effects, cunning tactics and the ability to force you into various stances. Furthermore, they can pin you down, putting you in a vulnerable position.

Monster Girls Dream mod offers unique character customisation, engaging combat mechanics and the allure of monster girl encounters. You can become a formidable warrior, a cunning strategist or a charming diplomat. You can also shape your character’s abilities accordingly and equip them with items to enhance their powers or ability to counter specific weaknesses, giving you an edge in battle.

In the Monster Girls Dream, you can make or add, install and remove mods. This is how to get started.

Making or adding mod

Visit the Monster Girls Dream Wiki.  Enter the name of your mod after Mod: in the text field below and click Make Mod Page to begin. You will see a  preloaded template and an example at the top of the page. The wiki will add it to the list of mods for you.

Installing mods

The easiest way to manage mods for Monster Girls Dream is to use the in-game Mod screen located on the Main Menu, which provides an overview, resources, and instructions for modding. However, you can choose the manual option to install the mods and here is how you will do it.

  • Go to the Monster Girls Dream Wiki.
  • Click on the Installing Mods option.
  • Choose the mods you want on the list.
  • Then, make sure you save them in the Town Square whenever updating the selection of mods. If you are using Windows or Linux, go to Mods/ from the base folder of Monster Girl Dreams where it is executable. Extract the .zip file for the mod and place its default mod folder which contains multiple subfolders into Mods/. If you are using macOS, right-click the MonGirlDreams application and select “Show Package Contents”. Go to Contents/Resources/autorun/Mods/ Then extract the .zip file for the mod and place its default mod folder (which has multiple subfolders) into Mods/. If you are using Android, Android/data/monstergirldreams.program/files/, and create the folders game/Mods/. Enter Mods/ and extract the .zip file. Place its default mod folder, which contains multiple subfolders into Mods/. Note that it is normal for the game to freeze during the first action in-game action. It will unfreeze in a short while.
  • Launch the game.

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Removing mods

There are two options for removing mods – disabling and removing mods. In addition, your saved mod can be used even when it is uninstalled as long as you load from the Town Square.

Disabling mods

  • Ensure your saved mod is in the Towns Square when making any update selection.
  • Rename the mod in game/Mods/ by starting with an _underscore. For instance, “_ModExample.”
  • To re-enable, rename the mod without the _underscore at the front.

Removing mods

  • Ensure your saved mod is in the Towns Square when making any update selection.
  • Delete the mod in game/Mods/

How to play Monster Girl Dreams

How to play Monster Girl Dreams

  • Download the Monster Girls Dream on the Threshold website.
  • Create your character and define their combat stats and weaknesses in a point buy system.
  • Choose at least one fetish for the monster girls to exploit with their temptations. This includes using numerous sex techniques to defeat your female opponents, without succumbing to them.
  • Choose the available perks to boost your powers to defeat the monster girls or just run until you are ravished to unconsciousness. Your choice.

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