Hungry dispatch rider begs Nigerian to leave food he delivered for him

Hungry dispatch rider begs Nigerian to leave food he delivered for him 1

A Nigerian man, @MrMekzy_, has taken to social media to share his experience with a delivery guy.

In a post on X, he said the guy who came to deliver food for him begged him to let him eat the food.

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He disclosed that the delivery guy told him he was hungry, and this left him confused, thinking it was a prank.

“The delivery guy that brought my food today was begging me to leave it for him, saying that he’s hungry. I thought it was a prank, i was legit confused because is it not the sane hunger that made me order the food?” @MrMekzy_ tweeted.

See reactions:

@Herneholar: “That is the situation of the country right now. At least, Thank God he did not eat it like we see online. A lot are hungry, working with no idea when their next meal will come.
If you have money to spare, you can give it to him to use and get something (it is not a must though).”

@Thechefbecca: “This is not professional at all. I think you should report his act of his. Why would he do such? Is he not paid?”

@AUNTYMUSE_: “One eat 2 or my small chops
Said it was cold
He was to deliver to ibeju and came by 9pm
Out of 10 packs, it was 8 left.
Told me he took 2 make I no vex
😂 I told him not to do that again and he left.”

@__Sonofglory: “This country na cruise
You no thank God him even show up?”

@Ose2024127612: “He is not serious. He could have asked for 1k/1200 to go and eat at a mama put. He wants the order that was very likely a “luxurious food” hungry man ni dey thing of big man food, na just to quench hunger him want.”

@tweetcaptain_: “when you think nigeria can’t shock you
just wait.”

@thatcleanergirl: “The goal is for you to give them money “to buy food” 😂 HQ!$

@Rich4ever1020: “Huger pass hunger Sha. But it unprofessional
I don’t understand either. 😭😂.”

@ms._trezaa: “90% of deliver guys are too entitled. One calabar one legit stopped doing deliveries for me because I refused to “do Christmas” for him and his wife last two years 😂😂😂😂.”

@teeto__olayeni: “He thought you ordered it for aesthetics😂.”

@mr__temidayo: “Some people know how to manipulate others with their situation just to extort them😂💔.”

@yesimprettyoma: “This things only happen in Lagos😂
That was how the guy I paid to come to come paint my apartment, started begging me for one of my sneakers 👟😂😂 Omo!”

@girlie__vi: “The rate of begging in Nigeria is becoming alarming 😖, especially lagos.”

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