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Mini highland cow: What you should know about the breed

Mini highland cow: What you should know about the breed

Ever heard of a mini Highland cow? You probably have and you are interested in owning one. These cows are great for farming as they do not occupy a lot of space. They are also used as a source of protein or as domestic pets.

Below is more information you need about these cows.

What is mini highland cow?

What is mini highland cow?

A mini highland cow simply refers to a smaller version of Scottish cattle. It originates from the Highlands of Scotland. According to Iowa Mini Highlands, this cow is the oldest registered breed in the world. It was registered with the Highland Cattle Society in 1884, with the first herd book recorded the year after.

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The mini highland cow typically stands between 39 to 42 inches tall (99 to 106 cm) at the shoulder, compared to the native breed, which can grow up to 48 to 56 inches (121 to 142 cm). Despite its small size, it retains the typical characteristics of a highland cow. The breed is characterised by their long, shaggy double coats, ranging in colour from red, yellow, white, silver, or dun and magnificent horns. This coat protects it from the Scottish harsh weather.

The mini highland cow is also known for its calm temperament. Its temperament has made the breed an increasingly popular demand for domestic pets among people. This breed is also excellent for a small farm. It can be used to produce a small amount of milk. The mini highland cow takes up relatively little space, making it suitable for urban or suburban areas with little land available. Being a grazing breed, a mini highland cow can graze on pasture and rough forage that other breeds might find challenging.

On the downside, the mini highland cow is so small that it produces less beef than its larger counterpart. Also, it is often high maintenance as it has long hair, which can get dirtier. This means you will have to wash it more regularly than other animals. Like other animals, this cow needs vaccines to keep serious illnesses away.

Meanwhile, the lifespan of an average mini highland cow is between 12 to 15 years. Some could live up to 20 years, depending on the quality of care they receive from their owners.

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How to get a mini Highland cow

How to get a mini Highland cow

Mini highland cows are not natural breeds. Most of these highland cows are often crossbred with other mini cows. If you are not interested in crossbreeding, you can get a it by ordering online such as local farm websites or cattle societies selling them.

However, note that some breeders deliberately starve a calf to get it to be stunted and pass it off as a mini cow. Also, watch out for the breed that carries hereditary skeletal disorder known as Chondrodysplasias, which frequently leads to the abortion of calves in the mid to late stages of gestation. Mini-highland cows with this condition often exhibit some abnormalities like short limbs, cleft palate, ventral abdominal hernias and a domed head with a protruding tongue.

How much is a mini highland cow?

A mini highland cow usually costs between $1,800 to $3,500.

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