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Minecraft characters: 16 most popular characters you should know

Minecraft characters: 16 most popular characters you should know

Minecraft is a popular sandbox video game developed by Mojang Studios. Created by Markus “Notch” Persson, the Minecraft characters are the livewire of the game, allowing players to explore a blocky, pixelated, procedurally generated, three-dimensional world with virtually infinite terrain.

In this game, players discover and extract raw materials, craft tools and items, and build structures and machines. Each character has a distinct trait that enables a player to manoeuvre and interact with the game, based on the chosen mode, such as survival mode, spectator mode, adventure mode and hardcore mode.

Minecraft is the best-selling video game in history, with over 300 million copies sold and nearly 140 million monthly active players as of 2023. This achievement is practically impossible without the characters.

Therefore, this article presents a list of Minecraft characters, according to their popularity.

List of Minecraft characters

1. Ender Dragon

Ender Dragon

The Ender Dragon is a flying dragon that shoots fire at players. She is a boss mob that is only found in one Biome in Minecraft. Ender Dragon has massive wings, a breath of fire and laser eyes that terrorise its enemies. She is also identified by her obsidian pillars and the healing crystals surrounding her.

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2. Steve


Steve is a human character with a blocky appearance. He appears in a light blue top, a pair of blue trousers and shoes, while his face is sometimes adorned with a goatee. Steve is part of the default characters that players use at the beginning of the game. Also, players can customise Steve’s skin by changing his clothing, features and overall look. Steve is an iconic character and has appeared in various promotional materials, merchandise and media related to Minecraft.

3. Alex


Alex is Steve’s female companion. She has orange hair and a green shirt and likes to tame many animals including wolves, sheep and parrots. An iconic character, you can find her at the beginning of the game. Like Steve, you can customise this character to your preferred look.

4. Creeper


The Creeper is a hostile mob that is known for sneaking up to a player and exploding all over the place. It is pale green and has a cylindrical torso with short legs and arms. When struck by lightning, it becomes a charged creeper, amplifying the explosion on a greater level. The creeper has become an iconic character in Minecraft mainly due to its mode of attack. It has been featured in various promotional materials and merchandise.

5. Zombie Pigmen

Zombie Pigmen

The Zombie Pigmen are ‘passive’ mobs that become hostile upon being attacked. They often move in packs and attacking one will incur attacks from the pack. These characters are designed as a combination of a zombie and a pig. In other words, they have the body shape of a pig but the skin and behaviour of a zombie. They can also be identified by the sword in their right hand and loincloth. However, Zombie Pigmen have been replaced by Zombified Piglins in the game.

6. Villager


Villagers are passive mobs that live in villages and work in various professions, breed, and interact with each other. Their outfits also vary, depending entirely on their Biomes and profession. You can trade with them using emeralds as the currency. Also, you can modify a villager’s job if you are not satisfied with the previous one.

7. Herobrine


The Herobrine is a popular Creepypasta. He is depicted as a version of Steve, but with solid white eyes that lack pupils. The Herobrine is often a subject of speculation., often appearing without an alarm with a disturbing presence. His mysterious actions have made him an urban legend and a horror online character that haunts players in Minecraft. In simple words, Herobrine is manipulative, mysterious, powerful and evil.

8. Wither Storm

Wither Storm
Photo credit: Squared Media (YouTube)

The Wither Storm is the main antagonist in the first season of Minecraft: Story Mode. It is a powerful and destructive creature, known for sucking blocks and mobs to make it bigger and stronger. As a result, it grows into a giant monster with 5 tentacles and three heads that can fire a tractor beam.

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9. Enderman

Photo credit: Sportskeeda

The Enderman is a neutral mob that is known to attack other players if they look directly into its eyes. It is the only mob that could drop Ender Pearls. Sometimes, Endermen pick up specific blocks and use teleportation to avoid being hit by projectiles, sunlight, water and other objects that can cause damage.

10. Skeletons

Photo credit: Sportskeeda

Skeletons are aggressive, hostile mobs that are often active at night. They operate in two dimensions and are known to drop expensive loot when killed. Skeletons make long-range shots at players and Iron Golems with bows and arrows. They are characterised by their bony appearances, but they are crucial to the game as they provide useful resources to players.

11. Wolf

Photo credit: Minecraft

A wolf is a neutral mob that can be tamed and used to assist in combat against most hostile mobs. You can tame a wolf using the bone of a defeated skeleton. However, it is not easy to tame a wolf in Minecraft. But a player that manages to do so has won a loyal and protective companion.

12. Ghast

Photo credit: Sketchfab

A Ghast is a large white-floating ghost-like hostile mob that lives in the Nether and shoots explosive fireballs at the player. Ghasts can be identified by their distinctive wailing sounds and ability to shoot explosive fireballs. Their ghost-like appearances often scare their enemies or opponents.

13. Blaze


Like Ghasts, Blazes are known for shooting fireballs at players. They are hostile mobs which can spawn naturally. Attacking a Blaze with fire or lava is useless because they are immune to the fiery elements. However, Blazes are useful as their defeat usually means that their blaze rods can be used to craft other items. Blazes only attack players with 48 blocks.

14. Magma Cube

Magma Cube
Photo credit: Minecraft

A Magma Cube is a hostile mob that can be found in the Nether. It can only spawn in an area free of solid obstacles and liquids, sprouting atop magma blocks. When Magma Cubes jump, they momentarily unravel into eight layers, giving them the appearance of a spring while revealing a yellow core inside. They also come in different sizes, with the smaller ones causing less damage than the bigger ones.

15. Ocelot and Cat

Ocelot and Cat
Photo credit: Sportskeeda

Ocelots are passive mobs that a player can tame into cats using raw fish. However, you can identify them by their distinct colours, though they have similarities. For instance, cats are smaller while ocelots come in spotted textures and larger sizes. Also, stray cats will attack rabbits and baby turtles while ocelots will attack chickens and baby turtles.

16. Phantom

Photo credit: Sportskeeda

Phantoms are flying hostile mobs, often appearing when a player has not slept for some in-game days. They have high-pitched screeching sounds. However, a phantom drops a membrane when it is defeated. This membrane helps the players to have a gentle fall rather than a full fall of gravity.

Other Minecraft characters include:

  • Ivor
  • Bat
  • Pig
  • Cow
  • Llama
  • Jesse
  • Petra
  • Axel
  • Large Henry
  • Guardian
  • Squid

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