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Top 10 Merry Christmas memes that’ll jingle all the way to your heart

Top 10 Merry Christmas memes that’ll jingle all the way to your heart

Who does not love Christmas? We certainly do. It is approaching that time of the year when celebrations are in the air. People have been known to defer celebrations to the Christmas season. From weddings to naming ceremonies and title celebrations, you can be sure to enjoy Christmas every year.

Content creators agree as Christmas now has millions of memes all over the internet. Christmas memes are often hilarious, portraying the joy of the season. The 2023 Christmas season is a few months away and we cannot start the celebrations early enough.

So, this article showcases the top 10 Christmas memes that will jingle to your heart.

What is a Merry Christmas meme?

A Christmas meme is an image, video or text about the Christmas season. Christmas is a season when Christians all over the world celebrate the birth of Jesus Christmas, regarded by Christians as the saviour of the world. The celebrations are always on December 25 every year and it involves individuals going to church, eating plenty of food, exchanging gifts and hanging out with families and friends.

Top 10 Merry Christmas memes

10. SAPA is not your mate!

SAPA is not your mate!

Nigeria is an economic wreck currently. People are still trying to survive the fuel subsidy removal and foreign exchange rate crisis. So, anyone trying to buy plenty of gifts this Christmas should be investigated by EFCC (lol). Meanwhile, the increasing number of members of the SAPA association has decided to keep the shopping list small. If your name is not there, waka pass abeg.

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9. Rock your Christmas

Rock your Christmas

Brenda Lee’s 1958 song, Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree, is one of the greatest Christmas songs in history. When you sing along, try picturing WWE superstar and Hollywood star, Dwyane Johnson, also known as The Rock, around your Christmas tree. Merry Christmas!

8. Hot Merry Christmas

Hot Merry Christmas

Imagine having a quiet Christmas as a single lady and a hot 90s version of Bruce Willis graces your door dressed like that. Yeah, that will be a Christmas to remember!

7. Facebook Christmas

Facebook Christmas

It is popularly said that too much of everything is bad. When you open your Facebook app on Christmas Day, you can be sure your timeline will be flooded. Yeah, it sounds tiring but Merry Christmas to you anyway.

6. SAPA doing Santa

SAPA doing Santa

Even Santa Clause will feel the heat of SAPA this Christmas. The list will be very small. If your name is not there, have a Merry Christmas, anyway.

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5. Naughty Christmas

Naughty Christmas

Being naughty usually means no present from Santa, but you might get lucky and find yourself on the list. Just pray the naughty list fetches you a present. If not, Merry Christmas.

4. When you are always writing blunders on Facebook

When you are always writing blunders on Facebook
Grammatical blunders can make a reader’s head spin and not in a good way. English may not be your first language, but it does not mean you should murder it. If you like, keep writing blunders. Santa says no present for you except a dictionary this Christmas.

3. Wohoo, Merry Christmas!

Wohoo, Merry Christmas!

Fans of The Simpsons will love this one. Christmas is a season of love and bonding among family and loved ones. What better way of fostering the celebrations than using Christmas meme from a family show?

2. Rock on, dudes!

Rock on, dudes!
This Christmas will rock, regardless of anything. No subsidy or exchange rate or impending fight with a neighbouring country can stop that. So, Merry Christmas!

1. You get a Merry Christmas!

You get a Merry Christmas!

Oprah Winfrey’s iconic “You get a car” statement has been turned into a meme. The only difference is instead of saying “You get a car!”, she is saying “You get a Merry Christmas!” So, while you rock on, let the world know that you are getting a Merry Christmas!

Which of the Merry Christmas memes on the list jingles to your heart?

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