‘Men use it to test your worth’ – Women advised against accepting coffee dates

‘Men use it to test your worth’ - Women advised against accepting coffee dates 1

A woman has sparked discussion online by sharing her reasons for avoiding coffee dates, and advising her peers to follow suit.

She justified turning down coffee date invitations from men not only because she doesn’t drink coffee but also because she views such dates as low effort, cheap, and a significant waste of time.

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The woman emphasized that first impressions matter to her, and she prefers to put effort into her appearance for a date.

For her, dressing up just for a coffee date feels like a waste.

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She argued that men choose coffee dates to make women prove they are worth a proper meal, which she considers problematic.

Additionally, she mentioned that she wouldn’t even consider going on a coffee date with a friend, underscoring her stance against this type of outing.

See the video below:

Netizens react:

@Tosin: “The fact that men are still asking you out on coffee dates means you are very much available in the dating market. If you are as classy as you try to make us see, you would have been off the dating market by now. You are just a cheap and spoilt little girl looking for a free meal”

@Falaq: “Trust me if it’s someone you already have history with you won’t mind. Like a long time friend, work colleague etc it won’t even matter”

@Politiciam: “How about shawarma own 🤔”

@Dan: “Don’t come online tomorrow crying saying he cheated on you or abusive you
.We don’t car3”

@Wonderboy: “Una papa no go get anything oo but your mouth is wide, confused gender mewtch 😕”

@Wendy: “Na broke guys dey do coffee dates”

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