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Top 10 memes from the future that will confuse you

Top 10 memes from the future that will confuse you

Have you seen a meme that does not make any sense? That is memes from the future. As you already know, meme creators can get their inspiration anywhere, from the past, present and apparently, the future.

The question is, can anyone see the future? It depends on the future you are talking about. If it has to do with where you project yourself in a few years, based on what you are now, it is possible. But if it is making random projections out of nowhere, you are on your own.

So, what does meme from the future mean? Read this article to find out.

What are memes from the future?

According to HITC, memes from the future are a joke with an image that makes zero sense, insinuating the only reason people do not find them funny yet is because it is from the future. Memes from the future origin can be traced to Reddit user, DanknessIn_MemesOut, who posted the original version in 2016.

The post showed a yellow-tinted image of an old man being attacked by three multi-coloured mini-versions of himself. The text read: “This meme is from the future. You don’t get the reference yet.”

Of course, the meme made no sense, which is the point. However, the reference to the future was somewhat right as different versions began to trend a few days later. Some memes from the future came from 42069 and on a ‘meme of the month chart’ for the same year. Since then, people have created memes that make no sense and tagged them as memes from the future.

One of the most popular varieties of the memesis the meta Reddit meme, “Among Us”. It is a multiplayer online game created and released by Innersloth. The 2D co-op game is popular among Android users and has risen to the top of the Play Store’s most-played list.

How to make memes from the future

You need a meme generator to make memes from the future. There are several meme generators you can download online. Once you download one, take the following steps to create your meme from the future:

  • Choose a template. There are millions of them online.
  • Upload any image of your choice on the template. Note that the image must not make sense.
  • Add texts or customise the image to your liking using the buttons beside your meme canvas.
  • Hit “Generate Meme” and then choose how to share and save your meme. You can share the meme on your social media accounts through your phone or other devices.

Top 10 memes from the future

Let us take you through the top 10 memes from the future that will make you scratch your head in confusion.

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10. Hand-fire dispenser

Hand-fire dispenser

That is a hand sanitiser, right? But what is the word “fire” doing there? This sounds like PDAPC, but what do I know, sef?

9. When you have been hit on the head

When you have been hit on the head

There is no way to explain this one except that the person that created this meme probably got hit on the head while drinking in a bar with friends.

8. When you replace ears with tech

When you replace ears with tech

Are you seeing what I am seeing? A black man with a tech device placed where his ears should be? Yeah, we have not seen the end of technology, as evidenced by the emergence of AI. But humans in the future will not replace their natural ears with tech, will they?

7. When you are high from watching too much television

When you are high from watching too much television

You will start seeing TV shapes and colours wherever you go. Or how else will you explain this meme from the future?

6. It’s a no!

It's a no!

Oh, we understand this meme well, but we choose to stay confused because the meaning is a terrible one. Verily, we reject anyone toying with the idea. Please, if you are suffering from depression or you know anyone with the condition, seek help. Suicide is not the answer.

5. Pokemon


Pokemon is one of the games that made our childhood fun. But this Pokemon from the future is one we cannot understand. We will leave that to our grandchildren.

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4. Is that corn from the future?

Is that corn from the future?

We know about cucumbers and bananas, but corn? Someone should make virgins like us understand. Fear future women.

3. Going to the moon

Going to the moon

Young Fox tells his dad that he is going to the moon, and his dad approves. This can only happen in the year 3000 because parents of the present age will never allow it. But why foxes?

2. Trump, again

Trump, again

Donald Trump has been a meme-able figure since 19-kpiridim. However, his memes have been limited to the past and present. The future “is bright” for the former President of the United States, as his image has been featured in memes from the future. We can understand the first image, but the second one leaves us confused.

1. Can’t get it, yet

Can't get it, yet

This is the meme from the future that started that first went viral on Reddit in 2016. This is 2023, and we still do not get it, do you?

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