Masha Babko: Russian model who was sexually exploited at age 10

Masha Babko: Russian model who was sexually exploited at age 10 (hopeful)

Masha Babko is a young Russian model whose tale gained attention in the early 2010s. What was supposedly meant to be the pursuit of a childhood dream job ended up being a nightmare that would live on in the memories of the youngster and her family forever. 

Her life has seen a rollercoaster of emotions over the years, and on three separate times, she came dangerously close to ending it all. Masha Babko, however, has fought it all and has chosen to utilise her knowledge and the assistance of social media to assist and inform anyone who may have encountered the same circumstances.

Masha Babko’s biography

Masha Babko

Masha Babko is a Russian model and social media personality. Babko was born on November 1, 2000, in Novosibirsk. She gained significant recognition in the early 2010s after NSFW photos of her were released to the internet while she was still a minor. The saga later resulted in a criminal case of paedophilia involving an adult male. 

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According to some online platforms, Babko has a height of  5 feet 7, while others suggest her height to be 4 feet 11 inches.

Those who frequently use online platforms are likely already familiar with Masha Babko, sometimes known as the “girl from memes”. However, her route to internet celebrity was a difficult and painful one. She was abused by a paedophile when she was just 10 years old, which marked the start of a traumatic chapter in her life. She continued to suffer in the years that followed as a result of her pictures and films being shared online.

Masha Babko with hands on her cheeks

Sergei Kropochkin, the photographer who released distressing images of Babko, was eventually captured in November 2011 following a joint investigation with Interpol. It was revealed that he belonged to a global criminal organisation that was engaged in the trafficking of unauthorized videos, according to the inquiry. In 2014 Kropochkin was sentenced to 14 years in jail after being found guilty of trafficking multiple underage girls.

Babko struggled with the effects of her history for the next eight years. She attended five different schools, made three suicide attempts, and even considered migrating to a new city. She ultimately decided to come out from behind the veil and tell her terrifying descent into the depths of human cruelty and the difficult process of rising above it.

Masha Babko career

Babko is currently signed to a modelling agency known as IMG. She had always been interested in modelling and when she met Inna, a friend’s acquaintance, at the age of 10, it marked the beginning of her unfortunate circumstances. She was forced into what at first glance appeared to be a harmless activity involving children’s clothes modelling by this friend. But Babko soon sensed something was wrong, and she was trapped in a circumstance from which she had no way out.

The offender, Sergei Kropochkin, was responsible for creating content that suited to pedophilic preferences. He would get instructions from overseas, interpret them and give them to Babko and others to carry out. Babko was not informed of the source of the financial compensation that was being given. The girls happily cooperated despite the subtle persuasion.

Masha Babko waving

As an adult, her prominence expanded as she made noteworthy appearances on numerous popular television programs in Russia, with a notable mention being the reality show Dom-2. As time progressed, she solidified her presence by venturing into the realms of modelling and acting. 

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In the revealing interview, Babko, who is now 23 years old, expressed her pain by concealing who she was and toiling in the darkness of her history.

According to her, she understood that her past should not characterise her as a solitary and secluded person. To regain her life, she started creating social media identities. When the well-known MDK, a large online community. While she acknowledged that facing both positive and negative reactions was not new to her due to her past, Babko chose to confront the world with humour and resilience.

Masha Babko OnlyFans

The Russian native has no active OnlyFans account and does not participate in any form of lewd performance.

Masha Babko’s net worth

As of August 2023, information regarding Babko’s net worth or source of income has been kept private. As a result, these details are unascertainable.

Masha Babko’s family

Information regarding Babko’s familial background, upbringing and relatives is sparsely available to the public.

Masha Babko age

Babko was born on November 1, 2000. She is currently 22 years old and will turn 23 in 2023.

Masha Babko Instagram

Masha Babko used to have an Instagram account, but she is no longer active on the platform. However, there is an active Instagram account with her name that belongs to a 16-year-old Spanish youngster.

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