Mariah Bird: Woman adopted by famous basketballer who’s enjoying success as cheerleader

Mariah Bird: Woman adopted by famous basketballer who's enjoying success as cheerleader

Mariah Bird is a definition of a blessing in disguise. Yes,  she was adopted by a famous man. We may not know who her biological parents are but we do know one thing: Bird is a woman who knows how to take advantage of opportunities. She may not have followed her father’s glorious path, but she is a success story. Unlike one of her siblings, the cheerleader and events manager has made remarkable achievements of her own.

So, who is Mariah Bird? Why was she adopted? What was the circumstance behind her adoption?

Mariah Bird biography

Mariah Bird smiling

Mariah Bird was born in 1991 in Indianapolis, United States of America. However, the day and month of her birth are unknown. Details about her biological parents are unknown as she reportedly does not know them and wishes to keep their privacy.

She was adopted by the American basketball legend, Larry Bird. She is the second daughter of the Bird family. Bird has two siblings, Corrie and Conner Bird.

Bird attended a local school for her primary and high school education. After graduation, she proceeded to Boston University where she obtained a degree in Science and Recreation. She then attended Indiana University, Bloomington, for further studies.

Mariah Bird career

Mariah Bird cheerleading

Growing up, Bird was interested in basketball. However, she later chose a different career path by becoming a cheerleader. She was very active during her teenage years. Cheerleading became her full-time career as she joined a local basketball team. She organised other cheerleading events and performances.

Bird later switched to event planning as she began to work as a trainee for an events company. She later became an event manager at Pacers Sports and Entertainment.

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Mariah Bird’s net worth

Bird is a successful cheerleader and event manager. According to reports, she earns an average of $80,000 annually. Therefore, her net worth is estimated to be worth $950,000, according to multiple media reports.

In addition, she lives in a $2.3 million house built by her father in 2002.

Mariah Bird family

Mariah Bird parents

Bird is the second child of Larry Bird and Dinah Mattingly. She has an older sister, Corrie Bird, who is Larry Bird’s biological daughter.

Larry Bird was first married to Janet Condra in 1975, but the couple divorced in 1976.

Larry Bird

Larry Bird

Larry Bird is a legendary retired American basketball player. He has been voted as one of the greatest basketball players of all time, having earned 12 all-star appearances and won three NBA titles during his illustrious playing career. He is also the father of Corrie, Mariah and Conner Bird. After retirement, he became an assistant coach for the Boston Celtics before he became a coach for the Indian Pacers.  He was named “NBA Coach of the Year” for the 1997–1998 season and later led the Pacers to claim a spot in the 2000 NBA Finals.

Larry retired from coaching and became an executive on the board of Indian Pacers in 2002. He was named “NBA Executive of the Year” for the 2012 season. He left the role as NBA executive for the Indian Pacers and returned as president of basketball operations, a role he retained until 2017.

Corrie Bird

Corrie Bird

Corrie Bird was raised by her mother, Janet Condra, and stepfather, Mr. Hargrave. She attended Indiana State University and obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education and Business Administration. She subsequently earned an MBA in Medical Administration.

She has worked as a health and business manager for several hospitals in Indiana. Bird reportedly does not have a good relationship with her father due to the controversy surrounding her birth. It was learnt that Larry Bird reportedly asked her mother for a paternity test and Corrie Bird was already a toddler by the time the result came out.

Her father, who was dating another woman at the time, refused to bond with her from her childhood, a decision he reportedly now regrets. Instead, he supported her financially but kept minimal contact with her.

Corrie Bird is now married to Trent Theopolis Batson and they have two children together –  Violet Marie Batson and Sebastian Grey Smith. Batson also has two children from a previous relationship –  Santana and Christian.

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Conner Bird

Conner Bird

Larry Bird married Dina Mattingly in 1989 and they adopted Mariah Bird and another child, Conner Bird. Conner was born in 1992 to unknown parents. He is a former student of Indiana University and reportedly has an estimated net worth of $ 1 million.  Conner is what one will call a spoiled celebrity son.

Although he has lived a relatively normal life compared to his dad, he managed to notoriety after he allegedly attempted to run over a former girlfriend with his car in Bloomington in February 2013.

The police had reported Conner and his ex-girlfriend were in the former’s car on campus when an argument began. His ex then exited the car to walk home, after which he allegedly tried to hit her with his car in the Indiana Memorial Stadium parking lot. He was later charged with three misdemeanours: criminal recklessness with a vehicle, possession of fewer than 30 grams of marijuana and battery for allegedly hitting the 20-year-old woman’s wrist with a cell phone.

The case was, however, dismissed on the condition that he would complete a 12-month compliance agreement filed in Monroe Circuit Court.

Meanwhile, this is not Conner Bird’s first run-in with the law as he was arrested for illegal possession of marijuana and underage drinking. However, he has since kept a low profile after his 2013 case was dismissed.

Mariah Bird age

According to media reports, Bird is 32 years old as of 2023.

Mariah Bird Instagram

Mariah Bird keeps a low profile and reportedly does not have a verified Instagram account. On the other hand, her dad is very active on Instagram.


Mariah Bird is one of those celebrity kids who did not allow fame to get into their heads. She lives a quiet and happy, as far as we know.

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